Biswap, Binance’s new strategic partner, is growing in popularity

The current context within exchanges makes it easy to get lost. However, the Web3 revolution is well underway and the need for decentralization is more present than ever. In this context, there are players like Biswap that put users at the heart of their ecosystem. This decentralized exchange platform, with its exceptional ergonomics, is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to get started in crypto. Embark with us on a journey to discover this affordable Smart Chain DEX based on BNB.

Biswap starts successfully

Established in 2021, Biswap has already made a name for itself among the big players. Some describe the platform as the new pancake exchange. Indeed, the exchange is now the 2ᵉ largest DEX on the BNB Smart Chain. It also boasts the lowest transaction fees of all exchanges at 0.2%. Enough to dilute the competition in the sector. Especially when you know that despite the bear market, the platform has more than 2,000,000 wallets.

Moreover, it is a team of experienced developers who created Biswap. They are where the magic happens, putting their skills to use in an easy-to-use, forward-thinking solution. In this case, the protocol adopted by Biswap is a AMM (Automated Market Maker) to allow users to trade BEP-20 tokens issued on the BNB Smart Chain.

Binance recognized its potential. That is why the platform counts it among its privileged partners. As a reminder, Biswap was selected by Binance as the winner of the MVBII program. As a result, Binance Labs made a strategic investment in Biswap in 2021. Biswap’s original token, BSW, is listed on Binance CEX. Counting Binance as a strategic investor, there is no doubt that security and reliability are at the heart of the project.

Biswap, a DEX full of possibilities

One of the main strengths of the platform is undoubtedly its decentralized nature. As such, Biswap does not hold its users’ funds, which is a real guarantee of trust. In addition, the platform has been audited by Certainleader in crypto project verification.

The variety of services offered by the platform makes it unique. The user no longer needs to navigate around to find what they need. Everything is available on Biswap at an affordable cost. Thus, the features of Biswap are many and everyone can find what they need.

Generate passive income through stocks, farming and bootstrapping

Users can trade tokens for a very competitive commission. They trade directly in pools of liquidity. These are funded by liquidity providers (liquidity providers, or LPs).

Biswap offers its users the most profitable DeFi services. Thus, they can deposit LP tokens in Biswap Farms and stake them against BSW. Biswap also ensures that all available farms have an annual interest rate (APY) raised. Additionally, users can also deploy their BSW to Double Launchpools. They can stake their BSW and earn two tokens in return.

Buy on the NFT Market

Digital art enthusiasts can use BSW to sell or buy NFT on Biswap marketespecially since it has many advantages:

  • Some of the lowest commissions on the BNB blockchain – 1%;
  • Exclusive NFT auctions with up to 5% price difference between their bid and the next closest bid;
  • The unique NFT Biswap collection, whose purchased coins can be placed in the NFT pool;
  • Robi Boots every time they sell or buy on the Biswap NFT Market.

In addition, Biswap recently launched its exclusive collection – NFT collections. In addition to their exclusive design, each NFT offers its owner exclusive opportunities:

  • Up to 15% cash back;
  • Up to 1% increase in referral rewards;
  • Double Launchpool bonus with high APR (coming later).

A shower of rewards on Biswap

Users can benefit from many rewards on Biswap, be it in fees, exchanges or referrals.

In terms of fees, apart from having an attractive trading fee of 0.2%, Biswap returns up to 50% of your fees to your balance in the form of BSW tokens when you trade with trading pairs. in the white list.

As for trading, liquidity providers are kindly rewarded with 75% of transaction fees. Specifically, whenever a user contributes liquidity, they receive LP tokens.

Biswap offers the possibility to invite your friends to register and participate in a referral program. You can earn money in three different ways with this” Multi-type referral program :

  • Exchange: get up to 20% every time your referral is exchanged on Biswap Exchange;
  • Farms and Launchpools: once your referral withdraws his BSW tokens, you earn 5% of Farms and 5% of Launchpools.

Check out a video presentation of Biswap:

A new guide for a new year

On December 28, Biswap unveiled its brand new guide to celebrate the new year. Here’s a quick quarter-by-quarter summary of the new features and services that are in the pipeline.

  • Quarter 1:
    • Perpetual Trade (ApolloX)
    • New Lock & Burn instruments for BSW
    • Multilingual function
  • Quarter 2:
    • The new MA protocol
    • Route optimization
    • Biswap-Blog
  • Quarter 3:
    • Update votes
    • The biswap liquidity widget
    • UI/UX improvements
  • Quarter 4:
    • User Tools
      • Notification system
      • User panel
      • Achievements System
      • Personal account

It is important to note that in order to be flexible and to adapt to the market, there will be a revision of the roadmap after the second quarter, which may affect the third and fourth quarters. You can consult full guide here.

At the end

Biswap has many strings to its bow. Just do a quick spin on the platform ExcHAnGE to understand how easy it is to use. Thus, its growing popularity despite the bear market is the result of an innovative approach. The user has the option to choose between setting up DeFi and NFT. In addition, he can avail many rewards according to his preferences. This is also made possible thanks to its service mark, BSW. It offers some profit opportunities in a still volatile crypto market. Binance had a penchant for Biswap, so much so that it became its fairy godmother. No wonder Biswap was one of its featured exhibitors during Binance Blockchain Week 2022 in Paris. With all these assets, our little finger tells us that we are not done hearing about Biswap.

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