1 month free with RED from SFR!

Yes, you read that right!RED by SFR offers an Internet offer with RED Box, on fiber or ADSL, with 1 month free! Promotions include 1 month plan, unlimited calls to continental mobiles and a €29 ConnectTV decoder. All the details of this news here!

Interested in RED’s offer? Call us at 09 71 07 91 23 Interested in RED’s offer? Call us!

Red box from €18.99/month

Like La Boite Sosh in Orange, RED By SFR offers a low-cost internet offering by reusing SFR Box equipment.

RED Box provides ADSL Internet access (up to 20 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up), in THD (up to 500 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up) or FTTH (500 Mbps symmetrical), a telephone service over IP with Unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 100 international destinations, as well as mobile in Canada and the United States and SFR Box 6 on ADSL, SFR Box THD or SFR Box Plus on FTTH. The offer also includes the RED TV service with 35 TV channels (including 26 DTT channels) usable from the application on Android and iOS. It also includes the SFR Cloud 10GB web space service.

RED Box packages at €18.99/month in DSL or €28.99/month in THD/FTTH
RED Box Packages on the RED by SFR website

The RED Box package is billed at €18.99/month in ADSL or €28.99/month in FTTH/THD. A promotion allows you to benefit from THD or FTTH at the price of ADSL for 1 year, i.e. a discount of €10/month for 1 year. In the non-disconnected ADSL area, the RED Box increases to €5/month, i.e. the undivided RED box to €23.99/month. Another promotion allows you to take advantage of a free monthly package, i.e. a discount of €18.99 for 1 month. The offer is not binding, but activation and termination fees are charged at €39 and €49

As an option, RED from SFR allows you to benefit from SFR Box 8 with WiFi 6 and a download speed of 1 Gbps on THD (100 Mbps upload) and FTTH (700 Mbps upload) for €7/month. Unlimited calls to continental mobiles are optional for €5/month (free for new subscriptions). The ConnectTV(2) decoder can be purchased for €29 (instead of €69) to take advantage of the RED TV and Android TV service on the TV.

In addition to the RED TV package, it is possible to access 100 thematic channels (the 35 channels of RED TV + France 24, MTV, GameOne, Paris Première, Equidia, Paramount Channel, KTO, Luxe TV, Nickelodeon, LuckyJack TV, M6 Music, BET, etc.) for €3/month. The option is valid with or without a TV decoder.

Interested in RED’s offer? Call us at 09 71 07 91 23 Interested in RED’s offer? Call us!

TV options and packages from SFR

RED by SFR offers SFR Box to RED Box options. It is possible to increase SFR Cloud storage to 100 GB (€3/month) or 1 TB (€5/month, first month free). The security of 5 devices (Android, iOS, macOS and Windows) can be provided by SFR Cybersecurity with BitDefender for €5/month. A package of SFR Cybercurité and SFR Cloud 1TB allows you to benefit from the 2 services for €7/month (€3 discount). SFR Family parental control service is available for €5/month. 2 hours of calls to fixed and mobile phones in Algeria are optional at €7.5/month. Options are not mandatory.

In entertainment, RED from SFR offers the Cafeyn digital kiosk at €10/month and the Nextory One digital library (€10/month).

RED from SFR transfers SFR TV packets to RED TV. Thus, it is possible to access:

  • Family Package45 thematic channels (Discovery Channel, SyFy, MTV, SerieClub, TV Breizh, Musuem, Boomerang, TiJi at €10/month (first month at €1)
  • Family Package and Netflix Standard (2 screens) at €13.49/month (instead of €23.49, i.e. the Family package offered)
  • Family Pack and Disney+ at €8.99/month (instead of €18.99/month, so the Family package is free and the first month is free)
  • netflix from €8.99/month (Essential)
  • Amazon Prime at €6.99/month (30-day trial)
  • Adult Swim Bundle + Toonami with €2.99/month
  • Melody channel with €4.50/month
  • OCS bouquet with €12.99/month
  • SFR Cinema Package (Altice Studio, Paramount Channel, TCM Cinema, Action and Filmo) at €5/month (instead of €10/month, first month free)
  • Cinema pass (Cine+, Paramount Channel, TCM Cinema and Action) at €13.99/month (first month at €1)
  • RMC Sports Package with €19/month (with 12-month commitment) or €25/month (without commitment)
  • beIN Sports Package with €14.99/month
  • RMC Sport Pack + Amazon Prime + Ligue 1 Pass from €27/month (instead of €38.98/month)
  • Little RMC Sport + beIN Sports + Amazon Prime + Ligue 1 Pass from €37 (instead of €53.97/month)
  • More sports (RMC Sports + beIN Sports) from €29/month (instead of €34/month)
  • beIN SPORTS + Amazon Prime Package with €21.98/month
  • The Golf Channell with €7.50/month

International packages are also available on RED TV. However, some channels and some bundles require streaming on a TV set-top box.


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