what Apple is preparing for this year

If a first mixed reality headset is to arrive soon, it had better be followed by a “light” version. The famous glasses, for the moment, have been put on hold, according to Bloomberg.

The failure of the AirPower charging mat – a pad capable of simultaneously charging the iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch announced before it was abandoned – is still on people’s minds. And more than ever Apple is careful not to advance marbles with the arrival of new products. As always, one would be tempted to say. The mixed or virtual reality helmet, or even the augmented reality glasses that should accompany it, have never been mentioned in the mouth of the knowledgeable Cupertino.

Officially, none of these projects exist and will not be realized. Radio silence. Rumors speak best of this. However, the famous helmet has never been so close to showing the end of its displays. But this would not be the case for the next project carried out internally, augmented reality glasses.

Apple dreams of a product to compete with the Meta Quest Pro in mixed reality
Apple dreams of a product to compete with Meta Quest Pro in mixed reality © Meta

For years, information that has filtered out sometimes talks about a virtual reality headset à la Meta Quest, sometimes refers to augmented reality glasses, or finally a reality product that mixes the two and ends up confusing people’s minds . Everything that flowed so far seemed clear by taking each element separately – and coordinating those who could: there would be two products in the drawers.

Preference for augmented reality, but later

But according to Bloombergaugmented reality glasses, a technology that would have Tim Cook’s preferences, would be stopped or, at least, delayed. This would also be due to Apple’s desire to bet everything mixed reality headset to be unveiled in the spring.

The latter would present much more potential and opportunities for the brand, which wants to make it an asset for both playing, working and performing various tasks in an environment that mixes the virtual and the real, without ever mentioning metaversen, a border word banned in Cupertino. .

AR glasses would offer less versatility, but more targeted uses for everyday life, education, productivity. It is also a booming market with the arrival of many players such as TCL, which unveiled the new RayNeo X2 prototype at CES 2023, Oppo, which presented a monocle that offers in particular the possibility of instant multilingual translation, or again the Magic Leap 2 of who wants to shine in the operating rooms.

An affordable mixed reality headset on the horizon

According to Bloomberg, to make up for the lag in AR glasses, Apple would have bet all its chips on another horse: a mixed reality headset at a low price. One way to counter a potential Achilles heel of the flag, price. Some rumors announce a price positioning of 3,000 euros for the brand’s mixed reality headset. It would therefore be fashionable, to democratize virtual reality a little more, for Apple to offer a device that responds more to a “reasonable” budget.

informationtransmitted by 9 to 5 Mac, thus evokes a report given to Apple which would indicate that the whispered price would be too high for many people, at the cost of turning the newcomer into a failure. And the consequence with the thinking heads of Cupertino would be the revision of the price significantly downwards, about 1200 to 1800 euros, the price of the iPhone Pro Max. All for a helmet that’s less efficient than expected, but still flying.

Thus, specialized media advance less efficient displays than those in announced micro-LEDs, fewer sensors (disappearance of LiDAR) or high-end finishes, a less efficient processor. The helmet could arrive in 2025.

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