Trends to watch in the online world in 2023

The new year has begun well and truly and in the field of video games, as well as in the more global field of online entertainment, several trends will be followed. Already launched in 2022, some should be multiplied tenfold during this year 2023 with, in conclusion, new habits acquired by the players and all actors of the fields mentioned.

Logically, the evolution of technology will allow the same trends to take root perfectly and change the habits adopted by players. From the increasingly important implementation of virtual reality to the democratization of cloud gaming or the gradual emergence of the metaverse, what will be the trends not to be missed in 2023?

Products are more accessible in VR

virtual reality

We have just mentioned it and there are many mentions of this technology in all the articles or technology files that highlight the challenges of tomorrow. It is not illogical since virtual reality, or even augmented reality, promise to continue their expansion in the coming months.

For several years, VR and AR have been two fields that are constantly evolving with the aim of making each of the actions of gamers and enthusiasts online even more immersive. Moreover, these technologies are beginning to take root more than naturally in our lives with, as a prime example for augmented reality, the craze demonstrated by Pokemon Go among the youngest for several years.

Virtual reality continues to become more popular thanks to the creation of new products, made more accessible by several major brands. With the arrival of Apple in this market expected in 2023, there is no doubt that the evolution of technology will continue to be highlighted by such a manufacturer, whose products and innovations are always extremely controlled.

Multiplayer game

For many players, the main objective will remain in 2023, to have fun and simply have fun. This will be even more the case this year with friends or other known players as for many specialists, multiplayer games or cooperative actions are likely to be even more in demand.

The collective aspect may be dominant

Indeed, some people do not like to play certain games without one or more people they know, and this is something perfectly understood by some publishers or even platforms. This is for example the case of playstation and his famous network, but mostly, by PokerStars and its home games, allowing all players to share a pool and participate in the online and offline rise of this historic discipline that is poker. And this, in such a natural way!

Platform and not classic games

Of course, publishers will continue to push hard to release opuses with the aim of making them real references. This was the case in 2022 with the last one God Of War or Horizon and no doubt it will be the same over the next few months with a new version of Zelda or even Assassin’s Creed.

However, the change in trend can also come with featured games and other such activities for players. With an increase in the number of online platforms in recent years, logic should follow and it is likely to be clear to see new platforms for all kinds of games and entertainment.

Today, everyone watches their favorite series from one platform and listens to their favorite artist from an application of the same type, such as what Spotify or Deezer offer. In the world of video games and online entertainment, this practice has not yet spread to this point and with the great return of Google Stadia to name one example, it is a safe bet that 2023 will be synonymous with change on this topic.

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