Signing of the agreement between internet service providers and sports rights holders in order to protect sports broadcasts

Arcom, the Association for the Protection of Sports Programs (APPS) and the French Telecommunications Federation (FFTélécoms, Orange, Bouygues Télécom and SFR) joined by the Iliad group, welcome the signing of an agreement between the four main Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and APPS to strengthen the fight against the illegal distribution of sports content on the Internet.

For the previous year, pursuant to Article L. 333-10 of the Sports Code and before the conclusion of this agreement., Arcom received 85 referrals from sports rights holders regarding ten sports competitions. 787 domain names of mirror sites were notified by the Autorité to Internet service providers, which implemented blocking measures with particular caution, evaluated here. In total, thanks to these actions, to which are added the services blocked by access providers in the execution of initial court decisions, 1299 illegal sites have been blocked for the benefit of the protection of sports broadcasts from the beginning of 2022.

Thanks to the operational cooperation established between the Authority, rights holders and Internet access providers, only in the first half of 2022Thus, the general audience of illegal sports has halved (49%). TheHowever, it is important to remain vigilant. New ways of accessing fraudulent services (illegal IPTV, VPN or alternative DNS) always require the most important measures to be put in place, such as encouraging all actors who can intervene to end the attacks to rights.

Arcom, APPS, FFTélécoms and Iliad welcome this agreement, which will strengthen and accelerate the measures taken to protect sports events. Indeed, the parties have agreed both on the good practices in legal matters, but also on receiving the costs of the automation of the blocking measures notified by Arcom after the referral by the legal claimants.

“The conclusion of this agreement is the culmination of real teamwork, which is now destined to continue, to anticipate the evolution of uses, to protect rights and to allow their just remuneration. The fight against online sports piracy protects the main competitions that unite us, as it protects the funding of amateur sports, the practice of which in our territories contributes to their vitality, fosters inclusion and fosters cohesion. » Roch-Olivier Maistre, President of Arcom

After more than a year of negotiations, we are pleased to have reached an agreement which will allow Internet access providers to benefit from a contractual and technical framework that facilitates the enforcement of these blocks and rights holders are protected even better than illegal piracy. We now call for the conclusion of new agreements by new players such as hosts or search engines to make concrete the implementation of this “safety net” in the entire chain of the digital ecosystem. » Liza Bellulo, President of FFTélécoms

“This signing marks an important step for the protection of sports content in France, on which APPS members, bringing together broadcasters and rights holders, have been able to build and perpetuate their agreement. The result of a constructive dialogue with Arcom and Internet access providers, this agreement will make it possible to accelerate and consolidate the fight against sports piracy, leaving the possibility of adapting it to new methods of illegal access such as IPTV offers. Together, we will thus be able to better target illegal services that attack the mainstay of sports funding, namely audiovisual rights. » Maxime Saada, President of APPS

About the French Telecommunications Federation:

Created on September 24, 2007, the Fédération Française des Télécoms (FFTélécoms) unites electronic communications operators in France. Its mission is to promote a responsible and innovative industry in relation to society, the environment, people and businesses, to protect the economic interests of the sector and to improve the image of its members and the profession at national and international level. For the realization of its missions, the Federation organizes, in the interest of its members, a structured and continuous dialogue with all actors of the sector and in its institutional and private environment. It ensures the sector’s representation in a demanding manner on matters of common interest in absolute compliance with the competition rules in force.

circle Association for the Protection of Sports Programs :

APPS, the Association for the Protection of Sports Programs, was established in January 2018 to jointly contribute to the fight against audiovisual piracy of sports competitions. Its mission is to raise awareness and mobilize all public and private actors to guarantee the respect of broadcasters’ rights and the value of competitions. APPS consists of 16 members representing the main broadcasters and organizers of sports competitions (federations and professional leagues) and is currently led by Maxime Saada, chairman of the executive board of the Canal+ group.

circle Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulatory Authority:

Arcom is an independent public authority that guarantees freedom of communication. Its main mission is to allow public access to a pluralistic audiovisual offer that respects rights and freedoms, to protect creation and to contribute to the fight against illegal and problematic content on the Internet.

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