Reading nights: our selection in the Lorient region [Carte interactive] – Lorient

  • 1 Memorial

  • In Lorient, reading nights coincide with the commemoration of 80 years of the destruction of the city. On this occasion, it will be possible to visit the shelter of passive protection in Place Alsace-Lorraine, Saturday, from 14:00 to 22:00 and Sunday, from 14:00 to 18:00. The main event, within the Night of Reading, will take place on Saturday, from 18:00 to 21:00, with the reading of testimonies of people who experienced the bombings and a projection of photos.

    Free entry without reservation (subject to availability). Meet at the reception point in front of the shelter.

  • 2 Brainstorming

  • Escape games, murder fests and other investigative games are on the rise. As proof, no less than five such meetings are offered in the Lorient region, in Ploemeur, Hennebont, Riantec, Plouhinec or even Quéven. We will remember that of Hennebont whose teasing is promising. In “Investigation at 15, who stole the print”, the City Council calls on you to identify the thief who went on a rampage in the art library. Meet at 15 rue Gabriel-Péri on Saturday from 3pm to 7pm.

    Free, limited places, only on team registration, game accessible from 7 years. Registrations from January 6 to 18: tel. 02 97 36 53 02 or

  • 3 Musical

  • Do you like being told stories? That’s fine, that’s what Reading Night is made for. Back to the basics with the reading hour organized by the media library of Port-Louis, for children from 5 years old. A bit of originality, too, just to make the little ones shiver (but just a bit), with Cyrille Boutbien’s strange percussion sounds and various instruments from the Sonam’ school of music.

    No registration, subject to availability. Term from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM, at Pondicherry Media Library.

  • 4 The scholar

  • This is an event that proves you can combine erudition and fun during Reading Nights. In Kervignac, storyteller Élisabeth Troestler and chiropterologist Florence Rubens offer a conference show about bats, in which legends resonate surprisingly well in the face of recent scientific discoveries.

    See you on Friday at 18:30 at the Kervignac media library. Free without registration, everyone from 8 years old.

  • 5 High technology

  • Digital Museum of Plouhinec, La Micro-Folie, offers some version 2.0 activities for Reading Nightsin particular a selection of bloody digital works, on Friday, from 19:00, or even immersion in 360° virtual reality, from 19:30. La Micro-Folie offers an immersion in an animated film for the little ones (from 8 years) or in a dark work of Caravaggio for the older ones.

    Admission without registration. Micro-Madness of Plouhinec, at 2, rue du Poul-Huem.

  • 6 The brilliance

  • In Quéven, on Saturday, from 20:00 to 22:00, you will need to bring a flashlight to enjoy Reading Night. The media library, among other activities, invites the public to create a slim corpse: using a flashlight, you will choose five books from the shelves and with their titles, tell a story. You can try again this time, with the help of a special lamp, to extract hidden rhymes, invisible to the naked eye.

    Les Sources media library, place of Toulouse. Free entry, subject to availability.

    All reading Nights events in Pays de Lorient

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