NFT: National Geographic’s first collection revolves around trench warfare

Riff about NFTs – magazine National Geographic is an institution in the international press with more than thirty different publications worldwide. Known to all for its yellow frame and known for the quality of its photos, the magazine recently decided to switch to web3 offering a collection of NFT about famous photographers. But the reception of the general public did not match his expectations. The story of the failed launch of a well-prepared operation.

National Geographic enters Web3…

of National Geographic is probably one of the most popular photography magazines in the world. Launched in the 19ᵉ century, it has more than 40 million of readers worldwide. Its editorial line revolves around nature and its conservation, discovery or history. Always with beauty Photos in the service of information.

In social networks, its audience is also very important 256 million Instagram followers, 49 million on Facebook and more 28.6 million on Twitter. Always at the forefront of modernity, the magazine has decided to start a collection of NFTs AROUND 16 famous photographers. All this to celebrate 135ᵉ birthday. Justin Aversano and his unclassifiable portraits. Ruben Wu and his electric landscapes. Kath Simard and her beloved mountains. The biggest names are part of the cast of the magazine. All these artists also have the feature that each of them has experimented in their own way with technology NFT in their work.

First announcement of the NFT collection on social media – source: Instagram

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…and causes a storm of protest from a section of the public

The platform chosen to launch the collection is snow crash who specializes in major artistic collaborations. That’s how we find Sony Music or group UniversalMusic which will launch NFTs from Bob Dylan and Miles Davis. IN paper, everything seems to be in place for a successful collaboration. This is how the first message on social networks starts January 16. With a star NFT in the background: a monkey from Bored Ape Yacht Club ! All to explain what NFT and prepare community at the presentation of the collection.

But the reception of the public was disastrous! Critics poured into social media with the main complaintuse of NFT technology. here is one anthology comments posted under the message:

“NFTs are a speculative bubble now burst”; “money laundering tools”; “complete deceptions”; “being used for phishing”; “It’s an extinct species now”.

Even big names in photography have come to the defense notify the operation. Deceased Photographer’s Account Manager-Ansel Easton Adamsfamous for his black and white photos of the Great American West, answered curtly “no” below the message with the bored Monkey. And even the use of this symbol “cheesy and tasteless” of pop culture-NFT has been criticized by chuck andersonbut an NFT artist himself.

16 photographers in service of National Geographic's 135th anniversary.  The launch of National Geographic's first NFT collection was somewhat marred by criticism on social media.
Official launch of the collection on D-Day – source: Twitter

But does the general public really understand what NFTs are?

Of course, the answer is in the question! Furthermore, this is not the first time that an NFT crowdfunding project has been poorly received by the general public. Reviews around energy consumption Continue for POLLUTING comments regardless 100 00 likes gathered from the message. The teams of National Geographic count almost 3000 Comments on Instagram and 200 on Facebook, the vast majority of which are negative.

Fortunately, some artists came to support project. Among them, Ryan Hawthorne who made fun of ” people who hate what they don’t understand “. Or the anonymous co-founder of the Ethereum NFT project Deadfellas who complained about the fact that most internet users criticize without asking ».

Let’s add some more to all this technical problems coming from the platform snow crashwe have all the ingredients for a launch lost ! But despite the misfortunes, National Geographic continues to issue his calendar and 15% photos are already sold. 16 photographers offer each 1 photo IN 118 copiesthis is 1888 NFT for sale. 1888 as a nod to the magazine’s creation date. As for the haters ranting under the posts, no need to tell them there’s another game around those famous monkeys they hate so much.

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