In Agen, in La Salève, residents discovered the “free granny”

At the age of 101, with a few weeks to live, Dominique Cavanna was offered the greatest gift by her granddaughter, the promise to live life to the fullest on the roads of Europe, in a motorcade! at the end of the trip a book and memories.

Nothing predestined Fiona Lauriol to set off with her centenarian grandmother on the paths of France and Navarre, and even less to cross France to present the book that chronicles this extraordinary journey and to raise public awareness of the isolation of the elderly . However, one day, seeing her grandmother waiting for death in front of a white wall, she decided to organize a trip in her old car. At the age of 101, the grandmother goes to a rag…

An Italian with a holy character

However, the beautiful story did not start so well, when Fiona decides to take care of her grandmother, at first at home, she is greeted with a “My, there’s the ugly old lady”. Fiona Lauriol and her parents are not close to this strong-willed grandmother, born in Italy in the middle of the First World War in 1917. Her son-in-law is a fool from whom her daughter would rather divorce and her niece, Fiona, a hopeless spinster. However, affected by the final sentence pronounced by the doctors, the family decided to refute the evil prognoses by making Dominique Cavanna live many adventures. This story, they came to tell the residents, the staff of the Salève residence and the elected officials of Agen in charge of the elderly and social centers Anne Gallissaries and Claude Florentiny.

Wild camping on the beach, attacking flying lemons, hanging out with street performers, descending into an old gold mine, discovering virtual reality helmets and even a surprise encounter with a naked man, Dominique has ruined life to the max . teeth, traveling more than 15,000 km through France, Spain and Portugal, with his granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law. An adventure that lasted almost two years, unlike what all the doctors had predicted.

Reason ? A new spirit found, a second youth, to which Fiona Lauriol gave a name: artolescence, this moment when the older life crumbles, without ever losing their dignity. The solution according to the author for whom social isolation would be a real wound.

“We pulled this armchair, pushed it, sweated it!

For her, nothing was impossible, no rough road would have gotten the better of her determination. The free-spirited grandmother can even boast that she has traveled 455 km of the Camino de Compostela, more than 100 years old! Even if everything has not always been easy, as Fiona Lauriol and her father tell us with humor. “When, with the withdrawal of our credentials [le passeport qui valide chaque étape du pèlerinage, NDLR] They ask me which box to mark, on foot, on a horse or on a bicycle, we all looked at each other… It will be in a carriage, lady!”, says the latter. And upon arrival, a man refuses her last tampon. , with the argument that it did not prove two stages.” “We rejected her compost, it’s because of an idiot posted there”, laughs Fiona’s father. cloth”, is filled with anecdotes of this type, a real concentrate of humor which has already won. over thousands of readers and soon to be adapted to the screen One thing is certain, the adventure of Dominique Cavanna has given some residents of La Salève the desire to get the key to the fields too!

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