Free Mobile, RED by SFR, Bouygues Telecom, YouPrice and Lebara Mobile!

Find the best unlimited packages of the moment from €4.99 per month including between 500 MB and 1 GB of data from the operators Free Mobile, RED by SFR, Bouygues Telecom, YouPrice and Lebara Mobile! These mobile deals are all with no time commitment, so you can switch anytime if your internet needs change! Here are the details!

YouPrice: an unlimited package for €4.99 on the Orange or SFR network

Are you barely using the internet on your mobile? Here is a super good deal for small budgets and small internet users. of new YouPrice mobile plan without commitment of duration only €4.99 per month is offered. The best part is that this promotion is valid without any duration condition!

This free package includes 500 MB of data on the SFR or Orange network, and this in metropolitan France. In addition, the speed is reduced and the billing of packages is at the price of €0.0035/MB. This mini web envelope can also be used by foreign departments and the European Union as if you were in France. it mobile subscription without commitment also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, abroad and from all over the EU.

Mini 1GB mobile plan from RED by SFR for €6.99/month

RED from SFR offers a mini plan with 1GB data. If you let yourself be convinced by RED package from SFR, you will benefit from a super rate of €6.99/month without any time commitment. By falling for this offer, you can use up to 1GB of mobile data in France. You will also have SFR Wifi service and modem mode. If you use all 1GB, you can recharge 1GB for €2 within the limit of 4 maximum recharges per month, then internet usage is blocked. This offer also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France. From departments abroad and from the entire European Union, you will have the same communication options as in France.

Bouygues Telecom offers a similar offer to its rival RED with 1GB at the incredible price of €6.99/month. All without a cold shower after a few months, as this promo is valid without any duration conditions!

With this optional mobile offer, you will have the opportunity to surf the web up to 1 GB per month, but also to contact your loved ones and exchange unlimited SMS/MMS in France, abroad and from the EU.

Lebara Mobile 1GB Phone Plan

In his house Lebara Mobile, the €4.99 per month unlimited plan works on the Orange 4G network. Sold without condition of duration and without commitment of duration. if this telephone subscription you care, you’ll be able to surf the web with a 1GB envelope on the Orange network in mainland France. You can also call and exchange SMS without being billed in France.

Lebara 1GB package for 5 euros

Free unlimited plan for €4.99 per month

Are you one of those consumers who consume very little data each month? Free of charge, it is possible to add one booster option in the Free package for €2. This option, billed at €2.99 per month, allows you to take advantage of additional advantages such as unlimited calls and 600 MB of internet. By adding this service, Free package passes at the price of €4.99 per month. To summarize, you will benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 600 MB of internet in mainland France and abroad or from the EU.

free package

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