After BitMart, DeSo gains access to

Available on the BitMart platform since the beginning of the week, the original DeSo blockchain token, $DESO, enters the cryptocurrency exchange; Therefore, it will be possible to buy and sell this token from this Friday, January 20 at 14:00 (UTC), i.e. from 15:00 in Paris. And according to reports, these two exchanges are just the first of a long list. 2023 could be the year of DeSo.

“First round of many this year”

That said, after announcing that two exchanges will list $DESO soon, official account of the DeSo blockchain, through a publication on the decentralized application diamond, built on the same blockchain. A kind of Web3’s Twitter, this app is one of the main apps developed at DeSo.

As you can see from the image below, the functions of commenting, sharing and liking, this holy trinity of our social networks, are very present. But to the right of the icon representing a heart, there is a diamond that we see. This diamond is a “like” that has a monetary value of $0.00005 DESO – or, at the time of this writing, an equivalent of $0.0004565; a form of micro-reward among others for content creators who can rely on their community.

To be listed now on, which stands in eighth place in the ranking of exchange platforms in terms of volume (when BitMart occupies the twenty-second position), may well allow the sign of the developed ecosystem from Nader Al Naji to recover from the chaos caused by FTX.

Good news for a new year

But even more than an increase in the price of $DESO, it is the pace of blockchain adoption by new users that could intensify. Which means more developers mobilized on this layer 1 blockchain, thus more decentralized applications and, perhaps, therefore, more DeSo users.

The founder of DeSo, in one blog post published on January 1, titled DeSo Update: A Taste of 2023, revealed:

chat with some high level exchanges

This, in addition to the facelift of and the redesign of the dedicated developer center, not forgetting the exciting DeSo Vault – presented as a “killer” Dropbox – which will enable secure data storage and sharing , affordable and censorship. -proof proves that DeSo intends to make 2023 his year.

DeSo’s competitive advantage over its competitors is the extremely low cost of storing data on the blockchain; his goal now is to attract more users to his network, hence the two lists this week and those to follow throughout the year. See instead.

This monumental change is explained by the unique architecture of DeSo, which, from the beginning, was designed to answer this specific problem.

While the Bitcoin blockchain, for example, only stores monetary transactions in its network, ie. – to put it simply – a series of additions and subtractions, the DeSo blockchain, oriented as it is in social networks, must preserve all possible and imaginable interactions. that Internet users can perform. Which is a fundamental difference.

And Nader Al Naji to continue:

Note that all other strings charge a minimum of 15 cents to store 200 characters (including spaces). However, DeSo only charges ten thousandths of one cent for this type of transaction.

Enough promising elements that push to keep an eye on the evolution of this blockchain, which already compares itself to the tenors of the ecosystem and does not hesitate to highlight their weaknesses.

Finally, remember that DeSo can boast of having 1.7 million addresses created on its network, more than 73 million transactions completed without problems, and an unchanging total token set at 10.8 million.

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