A work forum organized on Tuesday 24 January in Malesherbes

While the last figures from INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) dating from 2022 highlight an unemployment rate of 6.5% in the Pithiverais employment area, there are many positions to be filled in the territory, but not always the candidates in front.

What are the prospects for the job market in Pithiverais in 2022?

Face to face companies and job seekers

Precisely to unite jobseekers and businesses, a forum is organized on Tuesday, January 24, in the afternoon at Grand Ecrin, in Malesherbes. “We have targeted this first territory of Nord-Loiret, but we want to renew this type of multisectoral forum in other sectors of the Pithiverais during the year. We are really in a lively dynamic”, emphasizes Bruno Charfoulault, director of Pôle emploi. which joined forces with the Entente économique du Nord-Loiret and the Public Integration Service to organize this event. “It was really a request from companies to be able to meet candidates face-to-face. Because with the health crisis, there hasn’t been a forum of this kind for a long time.”
If a number of job seekers have been invited to the event and invited to bring their CV, it is open to the entire audience.

Do you know what these Loiret companies are planning for 2023?

Animation, transport, logistics, help at home…

30 employers and training organizations will be present, in a radius of twenty kilometers around Malesherbe. Mass distribution, sales (Intermarché de Malesherbes, Monsieur DIY), industry (Chryso in Sermaises, PDG Plastiques in Malesherbes), home help sector, transport (Sabatté), logistics (France between shares), cleaning, real estate, buildings (Pougat SAS, Ciret) will be represented.

The mother and child protection service of the Loiret Department will be there to discuss the work of childminders. The community recruitment department of the municipalities of Pithiverais Gâtinais will present its professions related to animation, childhood-youth. There will also be temporary agencies, as well as the Air Force and integration associations (Aser, Gardens of the Roman road).
As for training organizations, we will find Promotrans, the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, which has a branch in Pithiviers, Arefor (industry sector). Pôle emploi will provide virtual reality headsets to discover certain occupations in this way.

Yield, price per tonne, impact of drought: what results for the sugar beet campaign at the Pithiviers-le-Vieil sugar refinery?

That there are recruitments at the end

The employed Polish advisers will be mobilized “to be there to support job seekers and companies”, says Bruno Charfoulault. “They will be able to discuss with each other the individual training systems created by the Pôle emploi, or even the training action in a work situation that takes place directly in the company and without going through a training center. The idea is with really jump right back into the event. Exchanges will be live and that can open up opportunities. Our objective is really to have recruitment at the end of the forum, or at least lead contacts.”

Appointment for the multi-sector employment forum on Tuesday 24 January from 13:30 to 17:00 at the Grand Ecrin de Malesherbes. Possible registration: mesevenementsemploi.pole-emploi.fr.

Aurelie Richard

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