69 NFT for $1 million: This man doesn’t know crypto winter

Compulsive collector or genius investor? – Spend almost $1 million in minutes Acquiring a few NFTs seems excessive to you? This is not my opinion NFT Collectors rare. They are aggregating these digital artworks into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And this, regardless of the state of the market and despite the harsh remarks of certain observers. Today, we will tell you the story of this anonymous amateur, whose portfolio already contains three Bored Ape Yacht Club and who did itpurchase of 69 NFTs from the collection Desolate. The great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright liked to say in a provocative tone that “If it sells, it’s art! ». At nearly $1 million, there is no longer any doubt.

One collector bought 69 NFTs in one hit for $900,000

Our collector of the day calls himself pokeee in social networks. This individual claims, and we tend to believe, that he is also behind the wallet Pokeee.eth. So he would be the head of three Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), from its own domain Ethereum (ETH) and some other collectibles around BAYC. In an interview given to blog e Magical Eden, he claimed to be the head of a private fund dedicated to crypto. So much for its origins.

Therefore, on January 16, this experienced investor used the function I clean the floor which consists of buying NFTs in bulk by touching their base price. Purpose ? Resell them later taking advantage of the potential upside or simply buy them at the best price. Purchased at Magic Eden, the main NFT market in Solana. And so the buyer got his hands on 69 units from the DeGods collection. All for the amount of 900,000 dollars.

Our Buyer of the Day is happy to announce the news to his community – source: Twitter

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NFT DeGods Migrate to Ethereum and Abandon Solana

However, this transaction was meticulously prepared by our amateur. Indeed, on January 3, he had promised his subscribers that he would buy these 69 NFTs if his release exceeded 1000 likes “. Finally with the 3000 received the targets are met and he decides to proceed with the transaction. He even had to force Magic Eden to revise the purchase limit set in 50 NFT suddenly! But why this craze about this exchange? The beginning of the explanation to follow.

This artistic project is one of the biggest successes of the NFT ecosystem Solana with ready 135 million dollars accumulated since the beginning. But it especially got people talking about it when its developer, Rohun Voraannounced at the end of 2022 the migration of the collection to Ethereum. Additionally, the studio’s next project, Yoots, it also migrates to its side in the Polygon. The reasons are many, but in any case Pokeee let it be known that the announcement of this change was a trigger for him:

“The purpose of this investment is actually to pass [mes 69 NFT] to ETH. Because of the on-chain risks, I haven’t put larger portions of my portfolio into collections on Solana. I was just having fun with the little NFTs [pas chers]. »

These are the personal reasons for this important purchase. Therefore it can be seen that regardless of economic conditions widely unfavorable to cryptocurrencies, some collections are still selling very well in the digital art market. According to announcements and trends, artists and collectors continue to indulge their passion. For some, it’s creation. For others, it’s shopping. This is how the art world has always been! When asked what his favorite project was, Frank Lloyd Wright answers often “the other”. And you, what would be your next NFT purchase?

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