This millionaire friend of Craig Wright files a complaint against Binance over a fake Bitcoin

A first – This Canadian entrepreneur wants to tackle major crypto exchanges that have dared to delist Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Craig Wright. A British court will have to decide on an appeal, with an amount of approx 10 billion pounds.

Premises: birth of BSV Claims Limited

L’ITEM of January 13 by Bloomberg returns to the alliance between two personalities, with a rather sulphurous past, which attack each other on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

If there had to be an important event to start the story, then the latter would begin in May of last year when the company was incorporated. BSV Claims Limitedat an address in London’s East End.

Although Calvin Ayre’s name does not appear in the company’s official documents, the Canadian finances the company.

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Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright: turbulent journeys

Calvin Ayre is an online gambling mogul considered a cryptoevangelist by some observers. The progress of the entrepreneur is marked, among other things, by arm wrestling with regulators and justice.

Calvin Ayre was banned from the Vancouver Stock Exchange for two decades, for alleged insider trading. He then founded the online gambling platform Bodog, which would have made him a billionaire. At the time when the company was growing, Calvin Ayre got into trouble with the US justice system because online gambling was then still illegal.

The US government had charged him with running an illegal sports gambling business and conspiracy to launder money. Calvin Ayre pleaded guilty and received a year of unsupervised probation. He also had to pay a fine of 500,000 dollars.

In the cryptosphere, Calvin Ayre work with Craig Wright For years. The Australian computer scientist has repeatedly claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, without being able to provide proof of his claims.

Nearly £10 billion in lawsuits against Binance and other crypto exchanges

BSV Claims Limited was established to bring £9.9 billion class action, on behalf of 243,000 people, against four of the largest crypto exchanges, including Binance. The plaintiffs accuse them of being responsible for the losses suffered by Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) investors.

Calvin Ayre had invested in the cryptocurrency of this crypto project, which has Craig Wright as its founder. The Canadian entrepreneur then founded the venture capital firm Ayre Group Ventureswhich was expected to support the BSV price.

However, to Bitcoin Satoshi Vision suffered criticism from crypto personalities. In 2019, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhaotweeted, that “Craig Wright is not Satoshi”, and reported withdrawal from BSV of the crypto platform. BSV suffered a sharp decline after this delisting.

Three other crypto exchanges, including Kraken, also removed BSV from their platform shortly after Changpeng Zhao’s post. Most recently, in December, Bitfinex delisted BSV following a review of token listing qualifications.

Anti-competitive practices and cryptocurrencies: a UK first

Calvin Ayre, who would be the largest investor in the BSV ecosystem, wants to attack the wallets of major crypto exchanges. A spokesman for the contractor called these withdrawals from BSV ” anti-competitive practices contrary to the competition law.

Law firm Crowell & Moring said it would be first time that a UK court would deal with an allegation of anti-competitive practices in relation to digital assets if the Competition Appeal Tribunal – Competition Appeal Court – considered that this complaint is admissible.

Craig Wright is used to more burlesque complaints, sometimes dreaming of billions of dollars won thanks to a court decision. His friend Calvin Ayre seems to have taken a cue from him, attacking Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges that delisted BSV.

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