Pensions: The whole society affected

Posted on 18.01.2023 by PCF

Macron decides to keep his pension reform and go further than the Touraine reform. Even abandoning a departure at 65, Elisabeth Borne announces a departure at 64 and the extension of the contribution period.

An argument repeatedly used by reformers of our much-loved social occupation: increased life expectancy. However, even if it actually increases, life expectancy in good health declines. It is once again about the good years that Macron touches. Worse, the starting age would be higher than the lifespan of some trades.

However, this measure is not justified: the report of the Pension Orientation Council clearly shows that there is no financial urgency to reform the pension system. On the other hand, his projections already warn of a decline in the standard of living of pensioners in the future.

As Fabien Roussel recalled on Monday, January 16 in his congratulations: “Retirement at the age of 65, 67 in Germany, in Poland, in the former Baltic countries, translates today into 20 to 50% of pensioners whose resources are 60% lower than the average income depending on the country. »

Therefore, this reform will worsen the living conditions of the elderly and (future) pensioners, especially women, the most insecure, the elderly who are already unemployed, those who started work early or whose nature of difficult professions. Moreover, it will have severe impacts on the whole society: what about many young people in employment? Parents who had grandparents as a childcare solution? Associations and their beneficiaries that rely on many retired volunteers?

Thus, even beyond the special case of pensions, it is society at its core that is affected.

The French have understood this. 68% are still against this reform according to an Ifop poll published on Sunday in JDD.

We must reform the pension system, but provide dignified living conditions for pensioners. PCF demands a referendum. The petition has already gathered more than 20,000 signatories. Let’s keep it signed on the site

Time is in union. Together, let’s mobilize!

Yesterday there was a joint meeting with the forces of the left and ecologists (PCF, SP, EELV, LFI) where our party, and in particular Fabien Roussel, was the main pillar.

Tomorrow there will be a big gathering on the street. This first demonstration called by the unions, all assembled for the first time in 12 years, will mark the beginning of a strong mobilization.

“The left has a great responsibility in front of this reform. First, let’s make every effort to convince, to put proposals in the parliamentary debate. Then that of carrying, united, a progress alternative. (…)

And we are already calling for January 19 to be a historic mobilization.

(…) Do not take this manifestation as all the manifestations you have already known. There is a big issue here. Determination. We will succeed in showing the massive rejection of this reform by our numbers, by our diversity, in the first demonstration. (Fabien Roussel during his swearing-in)

We want a pension reform for the right to retire at the age of 60 with a guaranteed full pension for a full career, from 18 to 60, with the payment of contributions for periods of non-employment (unemployment, training, higher education, parental leave, sickness, disability, etc.).

How to finance?

  • By making contributions from the financial income of the companies.
  • Influencing the behavior of companies by modifying employer contributions to favor wages.
  • Establishing equal pay and raising wages instead of paying bonuses.
  • By giving new powers to employees in the company to set priorities on wages and employment.. µ

Rachel Ramadour

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