Interview. Employment: “The key today is qualification and training”

Christine Cognet, Pôle Emploi Saint-Lô and Carentan-les-Marais business team leader and Laurent Royer, specialist industry advisor at Pôle Emploi Saint-Lô and Carentan-les-Marais. (©Poisson Benjamin – Channel Side)

Christine Cognetby the agency Pôle Emploi e Saint-Lo, is responsible for the business team which includes around ten advisors working with businesses in the Saint-Lô and Carentan-les-Marais basins. It draws up an inventory of employment and unemployment in Centre-Manche and highlights the initiatives undertaken by the Pôle Emploi.

News: At the beginning of 2023, can you describe the employment situation in the Centre-Manche region?

Christine Cognet: The unemployment rate is very low in the region and there is a lot of recruitment. We are on the verge of full employment, which means we are having difficulty finding qualified candidates. The key today is qualification and training. This includes funding of work-study, internship and training from the Region or State.

In which sectors is it more difficult to recruit today?

CC: You should know that all sectors are under tension. From the moment an employer seeks a specialized skill, there is tension. The job market is extremely tight.
Nationally, the three sectors most under pressure are transport, hotels and restaurants and social health.

Are there sectors that are easier to train for?

CC: Yes, for example, for the hotel and catering industry, with an AFPR (Peliminary Recruitment Training Action) system, a person can benefit from training supported by their employment contract, with up to 400 hours of training. Thus, you can train for a waiter, dishwasher or receptionist position quite easily. For jobs under pressure like construction, there is a need for qualification, especially when it comes to finishing works, we don’t have the tools that allow us to train quickly. We have to go through qualifications and funding.

What role do soft skills play in recruitment?

CC: Today, we want a job seeker to be punctual, loyal, volunteer and have basic interpersonal skills.

What is the job seeker profile in your sector?

CC: We have all types of profiles, what makes the difference is the registration time. A person who is mobile and flexible in his requirements will find work very quickly. Conversely, we have a plan for the long-term unemployed. We allow them to get back on their feet and face the realities of the labor market.

What initiatives are you taking to find work?

CC: In addition to regularly organizing job meetings and fairs, we organize events of all kinds, such as company visits with applicants, in particular in the industry. As part of the work week, three companies opened their doors for us. This was followed by several immersion periods for interested candidates, they were able to train in-house with a tutor. “We also organize joint actions for the promotion of sectors, with the Local Mission and other partners. All the events we have set up are grouped together on one website:

Most of the companies that call us are satisfied: either with regard to the candidates, or with the financial assistance provided for employee training. Companies should not hesitate to come to us to call us: 02 33 72 72 68. Our service offer is very wide, if a small craftsman needs to distribute a job offer, we are there.

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How will the working meeting on Wednesday 18 January in Saint-Lô take place?

CC: For the next job meeting, 5 counselors will be running the Pôle Emploi stand: 3 counselors dedicated to business and recruitment, 1 counselor dedicated to welcoming jobseekers and 1 counselor from Cap emploi. Our advisers will be able to answer questions about funding and training, as well as help with getting back into work. Our stand will be equipped with virtual reality headsets to discover trades, as well as tablets and a terminal to access the Pôle Emploi site.

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