Can PS VR2 be used on PC? Don’t even think about it, trust these developers

If hackers have managed, after years, to bring PC compatibility tools to PS VR, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to do the same with PlayStation VR 2, according to the developers.

In a Reddit discussion, the account of a small independent studio specializing in virtual reality shows that PS VR 2 should not be expected, scheduled for February 22, or one day compatible with a PC. The explanations make sense and are extremely interesting, providing insight into how enthusiasts try to circumvent the technical rules of brands to offer their products to the wider world.

Sony can block its headphones

Today, there are many VR headsets to enjoy PC gaming. At the top of the gondola we can cite the excellent Meta Quest 2 AND Pico 4 latest. But some bought dedicated headsets for other systems like the Gear VR at the time or the PlayStation VR. Passionate developers have, over the years, managed to find workarounds to allow them to be used on PCs. Technologies that took years of hard work to develop and aren’t even fully developed today, while PS VR, for example, launched in 2016.

The PS VR2 will sell for more than a PlayStation 5, perhaps stopping the irritation of some who want to skip using it. ©Sony Interactive Entertainment

According to the developers of dedicated PC driver iVRy on Reddit, we shouldn’t expect to see the feat again for PS VR 2, or at least not for a very long time.

For them, initially, it is very likely that Sony has decided to encode the image signal, which must pass through a single USB-C cable with which the headphones are equipped. A first major block that hackers would have to face if it really existed. The developers do not recommend buying Sony headphones with the intention of using them on a PC one day, otherwise you will end up with “An extremely expensive paperweight”.

An obsolete helmet until a solution is developed

The account of Mediator Software, the company behind the iVRy pilot, explains in more detail the development of their first-name PS VR solution.

“The original PS VR is (electronically) equivalent to a monitor and so getting a video signal on it is relatively simple. The detection sensors etc. took a huge amount of reverse engineering and at least a year after the headset was launched to figure it out. It then took another two years before the device was used as a PC VR headset. The tracking and controllers (using the original hardware) are still in development, more than five years after release. This is in addition to Sony’s efforts to prevent any use of its headset outside of the PlayStation 4.”

For developers, PS VR 2 would require at least years of work just to be able to display an image on the helmet. “Then there would be tracking if we deconstructed the camera protocol. Then controllers, etc. etc. » For them, it’s clear that, even if a PC compatible version were well developed one day, PS VR 2 would be completely obsolete.

Developers to finish, in response to their comment “For anyone asking ‘Does PS VR 2 work on Windows?’ the best answer would be no. Not in the near future, and maybe never. »

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