Apple is reportedly delaying plans for augmented reality glasses

Mark Gurman emphasize the point early in the morning on Apple’s projects in augmented and virtual reality. While all the rumors are now regularly repeated, an announcement should be made this year and it should be a virtual reality headset, a product seen quite far from Apple’s target that would aim to market augmented reality glasses. This much lighter and more discreet device would however also be much more complex to create, so much so that Apple would have delayed its plans according to the journalist from Bloomberg.

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While Apple had planned to release its glasses a year after the helmet according to Mark Gurman, the manufacturer would have put the other device on hold to focus on the helmet in the short term. In 2024 or 2025, the manufacturer would rather seek to release a cheaper version of the virtual reality helmet, while the glasses will still remain in the dream phase. It would take several years of development to get glasses similar to those of vision, but with screens for augmented reality. The journalist even hints that some, within Apple, would doubt their existence, so that this product would never arrive.

The first version of the helmet could cost around $3,000, a figure that can also be found in previous rumors and in particular those of information which has amply proved the reliability of its sources in the past. According to Bloombergthe cheaper variant would aim for a price cut in half and make some compromises to achieve this, including using iPhone chips instead of Mac ones on the CPU and GPU side.

mixed reality headset d

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The site also confirms rumors that Apple would forgo integrating the battery into the helmet and instead rely on an external module that would be carried in your pocket and connected to the helmet by wire. Here again, Mark Gurman asserts that current technology would not make it possible to do better and this would be a default solution.

Although the journalist Bloomberg often got it right, John Gruber makes some criticisms against these rumours. According to his information, there would never have been a question of throwing the glasses a year after the helmet, and it is true that it would not make sense: if the glasses are ready, you can wait another year and directly present the best. product. He adds that if the battery is indeed external, perhaps because it would bring a decisive advantage to the experience and not just for lack of anything better, which, according to him, would never be accepted within Apple.

By the way, he also goes back to the rumors information and especially in that it provided for a screen on the outside of the helmet to display the wearer’s eyes. According to the blogger, it was a joke within the team in charge of the project, but he admits that he may have misunderstood his sources. It is true that the idea seems a little absurd, but understand.

We should know more by the end of the year. As the months go by, rumors are pushing back the estimated launch date and according to the latest news, it would be more towards the second half of the year, or even the end of 2023.

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