3 tips before diving into takeaways

In full expansion since the pandemic, buyout is one of the main current trends in the catering sector. If it opens up new perspectives, the implementation of return sales in a structure must nevertheless be prepared to be successful. To help you, discover our top three tips before you start consignment selling.

Choosing the right packaging for your dropshipping

First of all, if you are going to take out, you will need to plan various elements for yourself. food packaging. In fact, whatever you sell for takeout, you’ll need to wrap the food so it can be stored ideally. Therefore, we advise you to turn to a professional supplier and make him one of the partners of your enterprise. In order to choose the right food packaging, several criteria must be taken into account. First you need to consider the nature of the food you want to pack in order to choose the right packaging.

You’re not really going to wrap a pizza like a soup or a takeout. Next we advise you to think about the size of the boxes or trays you need. Finally, it is essential that your packaging is practical for your customers to transport their dish and consume it. Do not hesitate to bet on several types of packaging and several sizes to always have what you need from one order to another. Packaging is indeed a key element in customer satisfaction in retail sales.

Plan to communicate about your new service

Next, we recommend that you think about your communication in advance before starting your delivery service. If you want to put all the odds on your side to succeed in selling food, it is really essential to communicate. Therefore, we advise you to provide flyers that you can distribute around your facility. We also suggest that you take care of your online communication and reputation. Create a website where you can show that you offer pickup. As you evolve, you will be able to inform your customers about your new products. Depending on your wishes, you can also open professional pages on various social networks and create a community around your restaurant.

Organize your enterprise

Finally, we advise you to organize your enterprise well before starting your shipping business. If your restaurant already exists, you may need to review it planning your teams or your opening hours. You can actually offer sales for longer than table service. It is important that each person knows exactly what to do in this new activity and that all your staff are well trained so that your first sales go well.

The more you are prepared and have everything planned, the more you increase your chances that your take out service will be a real success for your company. Knowing the importance of word of mouth and reputation these days, we strongly recommend that you be fully prepared to provide the best service to your first customers. And you, what’s your advice to a restaurateur who wants to get into the takeout business?

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