What new Apple products to expect on the Mac side in 2023? We take stock!

2022 will have seen a few Mac releases, but they’ve been pretty tentative, with 2021 clearly stealing the show. At the dawn of the year, Mac Studio had inaugurated an unprecedented range of Macs with outstanding performance. MacBook Pro 13 later it was refreshed with the M2 chip, just like MacBook Airwhich in turn benefited from a major overhaul of its design and still received a star from Digital in transit. In 2023, we should normally have many more models to put under our fingers, but the calendar is still not fixed at the moment.

MacBook Pro 14/16 inch M2 Pro and Max

The big shortages of 2022, 14-inch MacBook Pro AND 16 incheswhich had impressed us in 2021 with their near perfection, were expected, but ultimately fell behind in their final versions.

Last year was again marked by production concerns at Apple, especially in the last quarter with slowdowns in factories due to Covid-19. Today, the consumer is beginning to rediscover a pre-pandemic trend with a laptop market at half-mast in the face of ultra-versatile smartphones. Therefore, it is possible that Apple wanted to sell its 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro stocks a little more than expected.

MacBook Pro M1 Max.

This year should finally make way for replacements for these two models. We imagine the design will be the same – why change a winning team? -, but will ship more powerful chips, logically M2 Pro and M2 Max. Some are counting on an official announcement imminent, we estimate that we will have to wait for a keynote in March or April at the latest.

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Big Screen iMac or iMac Pro?

The 24-inch iMac and its M1 chip wowed audiences with a colorful new design, cool performance and an impressive built-in sound system. Some were disappointed not to see a bigger screen on the horizon, or truly “pro” performance. No doubt we will see Apple announce an iMac with a diagonal of 27, 28 or even 32 inches to satisfy all uses. It is very possible that it will benefit from the M2 Pro or M2 Max chips in passing.

Will it be released in 2023? Maybe at the end of the year according to Mark Gurmanbut potentially even later, in 2024 and with an M3 chip!

The Mac Pro is finally back?

Rumors mention it every year, but Apple will have to start revamping its Mac Pro, whose design hasn’t changed a bit since 2019. MacStudio allowed some pro users to wait and maybe Tim Cook had to have a good home chip to show.

Four years later, the Mac Pro’s time may have come, but some questions remain: the latest breakout of the M2 Extreme chip could pave the way for an M2 Ultra chip (consisting of two M2 Max) “only”, but will that be enough to convince the pros? Also, the Mac Pro was praised for its modularity, but the “all-in-one” design of Apple’s internal chips prohibits adding RAM and replacing the processor. The Mac Pro would then be less interesting. Let’s wait to learn more on the features and pricing side.

Mac Studio, between Mac Mini and Mac Pro.

Mac Studio, between Mac Mini and Mac Pro.

The refurbished Mac Mini

Some predict a future Mac Mini with a design identical to the current one, others count on an increase in the number of ports. Not much news has leaked out about this model, and there doesn’t seem to be a Mac Mini M2 planned at the moment, unless Apple has a surprise in store for us soon.

15-inch MacBook Air

We mentioned it last month, a 15-inch MacBook Air is expected by many to round out a range only available in 13-inches at the moment. For those who want a bigger screen without spending several thousand dollars on a 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro, this could be a great option. We imagine that Apple will not fundamentally change the formula of its 13-inch MacBook Air M2, which may be announced during the spring keynote.

A lot remains unknown, but we will certainly see some refreshes of the Mac range this year, no big news unfortunately. Is Apple Focusing on Virtual Reality? It’s very possible… And if the calendar can always be modified, we’ll benefit from some great new features by the end of the year.

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