The General Assembly of the Solutions Pro Sapa Network organized by its pre-prepared partner ABADIE SOGEDIAL

The spirit of sharing, the transparency of exchanges and the pleasure to co-build and grow together constitute the DNA of the Network of ready-to-install carpentry solutions Pro Sapa. A cohesion that the 18 partners and Sapa try to perpetuate during the various meetings that mark the year. The last General Assembly, organized on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 December, was again part of this dynamic.

On the program: a look back at 2022 and predictions for 2023 with, in particular, the preview of the new Sapa “showroom package”, created in collaboration with the specialist agency Gefigram. This turnkey concept, which adapts to any configuration, will help partners create their own showroom. It will also ensure harmonization of Sapa’s range and network communication. It consists of different modules in the colors of the brand, using the codes of the one produced at the Sapa headquarters from recycled elements from the last Equipbaie stands: product sections in modular totems, handle and digital corner for diving into projects in virtual reality. , customizable sign, window stickers highlighting the values ​​of the Network, sustainable card… The visit to a “pilot show-room”, set up in ABADIE SOGEDIAL, the host partner of this General Assembly, enabled everyone to they planned concretely. The showroom package was unanimous. Half of the partners have already committed to the creation of a showroom or the integration of the new Network signage in 2023. Two (SIFAP and ABADIE SOGEDIAL) will inaugurate it next March.

EPR was the other main topic addressed during this General Assembly. The intervention of the eco-organization Valobat, where it presented the measures that will be implemented from 2023, was followed by discussions with the leaders of Hidro, responsible for the circular approach to aluminum. These discussions prompted the partners’ reflections on their future involvement in the recovery of used aluminum furniture.

The event ended with the visit of Henri Gomez, Senior Vice President of Hydro Building Systems, who came to demonstrate his commitment to the Pro Sapa Solutions Network, and to share with partners his vision for the future and his global strategy .

Diving with partner ABADIE SOGEDIAL

Each General Assembly is an opportunity for the Network to discover the company of a partner. This time, it is the company ABADIE SOGEDIAL which opened the doors of its two sites located in the Toulouse region. This privileged moment makes possible the discussion of production organization and the sharing of good practices in a permanent desire to improve productivity and quality.

A long-standing partner of Solutions Pro Sapa, ABADIE SOGEDIAL has invested around 100,000 euros in 2022. A new digitally controlled double-head saw has been installed in its workshops in Roques and Cazères. For its Roques site, the company has also acquired a last-generation machining center on the workshop side and created a new Sapa showroom adjacent to its offices.

Meeting with Jean-Marc CLEMENTE and Fabrice ABADIE, managers of ABADIE SOGEDIAL (31)

“Like any company, we seek growth, but reasonable and quality growth! Our desire is to provide optimal service for our customers and a smooth working environment for our employees. This requires short delivery times, perfectly manufactured products, automation, providing a space to come and discover, touch the products…

The acquisition of the new processing center, which will reach full capacity in early 2023, will enable this development. Thanks to him, we will gain productivity and quality process. Whereas before the operator did the programming manually to process each Sapa profile, today everything is automated. The same for holes that can be pre-programmed.

The new showroom also has the role to always satisfy our artisan assembly customers more and better. Our portfolio is large and widespread; from self-entrepreneur to a company with about ten employees; but almost everyone has the same problem: how to present Sapa solutions in real life? Near Toulouse, the showroom will allow them to come on site, with their customers, to show them the porches, pergolas, gates, shutters, windows… They will be able to enter it even when the company is closed, on weekends, weekends or evenings, thanks to personal access control. »

ABADIE SOGEDIAL employs 40 people in its two facilities in Roques and Cazères. In 2021, it achieved a turnover of 5.5 million, in 2022 it will exceed 6 million. It covers a territory stretching from Perpignan to Bordeaux, passing through Brive la Gaillarde.

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