SONY’s new $360 Metaverse bet is a wearable tracker; He caught

The concept of Metaverse is becoming quite the trend these days. Brands are trying to increase their presence on Metaverse platforms. Some companies even develop their own Metaverse spaces. For this reason, many Chinese and South Korean companies are grabbing their Metaverse patents.

Companies like Sony, LG and many others top the list. As the electronics industry moves beyond smartphones, tech companies are moving forward with Metaverse patents. Sony excels in the field of creating mixed reality headsets.

Sony as a pioneer in the field of metaverse

Sony pioneered the concept of the Metaverse space. The brand adopts it in the field of its products and invents amazing tools. Like its latest headset that will give you a mixed reality experience, you can also find other Metaverse products here!

This headset, called PlayStation VR 2, will give you the mixed reality experience. After this innovative step, you can witness another product from the same company. It’s called Mocopi and it’s a wearable motion tracker. This product is a six pin structure. The device will track your every move. And, you can use it easily.

Mocopi’s package will consist of 6 different tracker bands that can track your movement. Each one comes with a label that looks like a button! All these tapes are for different countries. One will be for your head, another for your hip, and you will have two for your ankles and wrists.

The bands are lightweight, weighing 8g each and 32mm in diameter! It is quite easy to use as all these bands are wireless and do not require any base station. This fact makes the system suitable for use without any base station.

Anyone can use Mocopi without any problem

The device does not require you to know advanced levels of technology. It’s very easy to connect and you can do it with your phone. You will simply be asked to sign in with an app from your phone. iOS and Android support this app.

After that, it can capture the movements and input the data into these applications. Also, you can use it in VR chat to control digital avatars. Meanwhile, you can export avatar videos to your smartphones in mp4 format.

With this innovative device, the company can support virtual YouTubers. If you’re a VTuber and you’re on a budget or can’t afford motion capture gear, this is the device for you. The price of this device is around 49,500 yen, which is quite affordable.

Later they released a development kit called SDK for this device. This will help developers like you get the most out of this device as they come up with new apps. But what might make you a little sad is that Mocopi is only available in Japan and nowhere else in the world. And, if you’re in Japan, you can pre-order this device now or wait until January 2023 to get your Mocopi.

Sony wants to create a social space with the metaverse

Every brand and big name is currently associated with the Metaverse. Social networking giants like Facebook have changed their name to Meta. Even Microsoft is partnering with Metaverse projects. And according to some news, Apple is also developing its own Metaverse platform!

Kenichiro Yoshida, who is the head of this company, says that according to them, Metaverse is a live network and a social space where different aspects meet. These aspects can be music, games, movies, cartoons and many more! And, with their latest product, Mocopi, it goes in the same direction.


Sony is taking a step forward in the field of Metaverse with its innovative products. Mocopy is a very innovative element and developers will find it very useful.

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