PSVR 2: is PC compatibility possible? Between fantasy and reality

of PlayStation VR 2 will arrive in just over a month and expectations for the new baby sony are very strong. Its features are promising, its launch catalog is still a bit light on numbers, but it has exclusives AAA which are more than desirable like Resident Evil Village or Gran Turismo 7. Everything suggests it’s just the beginning, but some would like to see this helmet VR outside the universe playstation so that it can be used on PC. Let’s see if this can be considered or will remain pure fantasy.

It is true that Playstation-VR it’s a helmet VR packed with great features. It has an OLED HDR display that offers a definition of 2000 x 2040 per eye, a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and a field of view of 110°. With eye tracking, games benefit from a foveal rendering which makes it possible to display much more detailed graphics where the player is looking while saving resources by not forcing definition where it is not useful. Add to that, quality haptic feedback on the controllers and face and you have a headset VR which, for around 600 euros, is enough to make PC gamers dream VR. The latter, for more or less equivalent functionality, must pay more than 1200 euros… In short, you’ve figured it out, hoping to be able to use it PSVR 2 on a PC it makes sense, but will likely remain an unrealized fantasy. We see several reasons for this. The first is commercial, the second technical.

First of all, if the helmet is sold so cheap – of course, everything is relative – it is to make it as affordable as possible. Therefore, this call price is certainly very close to the cost price or maybe even lower. This is economically sustainable, because sony will compensate for commissions received for selling games or own licenses. It’s a bit like coffee machines that are sold at ridiculous prices, sometimes even offered, because it’s the beans that will make the difference. clearly, playstation certainly has no intention of selling headsets for use on any system other than the PlayStation 5.

Image source: Gary_the_mememachineThen, based on this observation, so it is logical to think that many defenses have been put in place to counter those who would try to make it possible. If the hackers managed to direct PSVR on the PC is that its technology was much simpler. However, it took no less than five years to succeed in obtaining a follow-up from the original controllers (move) correct and again, this is still quite experimental. Nobody bought one PSVR to do VR on PC, even with revenge. for PlayStation VR 2the situation is no longer the same because this helmet VR it’s a high-end model and can really appeal to a lot of people if it can be used on a PC. AND sony must know. divert PlayStation VR 2 of its native console is it really impossible? Not necessarily, but it will probably be necessary to wait many years before perhaps seeing one PSVR 2 run on PC unofficially. Between deciphering the signals, bypassing any security involved, developing the motorists the third (not simple, this), enough to say it if you buy one PSVR 2 today, get yourself a PS5 so you can use it.

By the way, even if it is a bit off topic, the next question that arises is if playstation will decide to wear SteamVRor elsewhere, the PC versions of its exclusive virtual reality titles. This will allow games to be played with already existing headsets sony. It is quite possible as it is already not the case for some titles VR current. Finally, of PSVR 2 will undoubtedly remain connected – wired or wireless, for that matter – to the PlayStation 5 for many years to come.. Therefore, we must hope that the developers will find this market alive and provide good games so that the general public will follow on their side. Continues from February 22nd!

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