Near Poix-de-Picardie, will the Picardy Playground open its doors in 2023?

Alexis Dequidt is part of the trio behind the Picardia Games Park project. (©Neufchâtel Awakening)

Presented in September 2018 to the elected e Community of communes Somme Southwest, Picardy Playground would open in late 2019 early 2020 in CroixraultCLOSER Poix-de-Picardie (Somme).

The leisure space should finally see the light of day before the end of the first quarter of this year, around February or next March. But there are still some things to finalize.

It all started from BattleKart, a concept that mixes karting with augmented reality (not to be confused with virtual reality). In this game similar to Mario Kartparticipants race by dodging obstacles and projectiles thrown by their opponents.

Everything is electric and the vehicles are designed to stop before they crash. So you can have fun without risking injury.

Alexis Dequidt

It was during a visit to Belgium that the trio behind the Picardia Play Park project, which Alexis Dequidt is part, discovered this concept. From there was born the idea of ​​designing an innovative leisure area in Picardie Verte.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever invested in an amusement park,” says Alexis Dequidt.

Activities to please everyone

At the moment, eight activities will be offered to visitors in addition to BattleKart:

  • Hit-Hit, a timed course filled with obstacles.
  • Starwall, an activity that combines climbing and playing Simon.
  • Hado, an augmented reality dodgeball where participants shoot fireballs at each other and defend themselves with shields.
  • A bowlingor karaoke and a quiz challenge will also be available.
  • Visitors will also be able to rub shoulders with him escape games designed by the company Déliroom.

In addition to these eight activities, more classic bar games such as table football, darts and arcade terminals will be offered. The objective is for every visitor, regardless of these preferences, to find an activity that appeals to them.

Videos: currently on Actu

The Picardy Play Park aims to be one of the largest leisure centers in northern France. Of course they target young people, but also all people under 55, whether they are shocked by technology or not.

Being finalized

If the work on the Picardia Game Park is already well advanced, there is still much to do. The erection of attractions must be finalized and a bar and connections are still missing.

Some positions remain to be filled

The recreation center is always looking for special employees, such as bartenders, servers, animators and game masters. For more information, visit the Picardia Games Park official website (to be found at the end of the article).

If the prices are still not fully determined, Alexis Dequidt thinks to favor online bookings to facilitate the preparation of activities and teams’ schedules.

All practical information will be made available to visitors in February at company website. For now, Alexis Dequidt confirms the opening of the Picardia Games Park for the end of the first quarter of 2023.

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