Nba All-World – Niantic’s new mobile game (Pokémon Go) available now

Founded in 2010, the name of the company Niantic today is immediately associated with that of its greatest success: Pokémon Go. Released in 2016, the virtual reality mobile game still had 80 million active players worldwide in 2022. , after peaking at over 150 million users in 2017. Although Pokémon Go will remain at the top for a long time , especially with the addition of new generations of Pokémon in the game, Niantic has decided to add a new string to its bow, and no less important. The new virtual reality mobile game from the studio, called NBA All-World is available today January 17th in France, early launch. It is now available for free download on iOS and Android. The privilege given to the hex is obvious, because the game won’t be available until a week later, on January 24th, for the rest of the world.

Created in partnership with the NBA and the North American Basketball League Players Association (NBPA), the game is sure to take place in the world of the orange ball. As with Pokémon Go, the studio started out of a simple desire: to get people outside and have them explore their more or less immediate environment. In the whole world you will not meet small creatures, but very big gentlemen. During your road wanderings, GPS enabled, you’ll have the chance to virtually meet NBA basketball players who you’ll have the chance to recruit into your workforce.

Each player recruited to your team will then be customizable and can improve their level by training. NBA All-World is a true tribute to the NBA universe and what surrounds it. Continuing to walk in real life, you will be able to access virtual shoe stores, liquor stores, banks or even training grounds. To improve diving, several partnerships have already been signed with famous brands of sneakers, drinks or swimwear.

“Our NBA game offers an exciting game where you can compete against the best athletes in the world and experience the extent of the NBA phenomenon through different themes, be it shoes, music or fashion. Players will have to explore the real world to discover what the NBA universe has in store for them. Exploration is an essential step to victory.» John Hankeboss and founder of Niantic

Taking the Pokémon GO model as an example, when your players will develop enough, you can go to arenas where you can face NBA stars controlled by other players, always on your mobile. Each duel in the playground will allow you to appear in the arena ranking, and why not become the champion. Regarding the basketball venues, Niantic ensures that almost any real playground will serve as a host for a virtual arena. Thus, All-World wishes that the players find themselves both for the collisions on the phone, but above all, to take advantage of these moments to have fun with a real ball and around real baskets. More than 100,000 arenas are currently listed worldwide. You should also know that all municipalities in France will have points of interest in the game.

In the program from the beginning, you will have the opportunity to meet and recruit 75 professional basketball players, but more will be added in the near future. For NBA connoisseurs, know this Karl Anthony Towns, Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins AND Jalen Green are the first ambassadors of the whole world. The Niantic team ensures that the work done for five years on this game will provide a unique experience. New content will be added as the year progresses, including new players or exclusive NBA videos. Niantic also claims to have worked hard on the animation and the moves your players can perform during your encounters to make the adventure as immersive as possible.

Explore the world, create your team, improve it, conquer the arenas. These are the tasks that await you. A new era is dawning for Niantic with this NBA All-World. Close to Pokémon Go in its virtual reality principle and its desire to bring people together outdoors, it remains to be seen whether the NBA license will be able to attract as many users as the Nintendo license. The launch of the app in France this week will already be a good indicator.

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