he promises girls money and refuses to pay them after sex

Platform for the Fight against Cybercrime (PLCC) has just stopped the reprehensible activities of a sex offender. This is DTFA by name, who has become a master in the art of sex scams since 2021. Unlike common scammers who extort money from their victims over the internet, DTFA asks for sexual favors from a girl through social networks to a customer for a sum of money.

He abuses poor girls ‘gifts’

In fact, in this practice, DTFA is both pimp and client. He mistreats the poor “gift” girls, as they say prosaically. When a money-hungry girl is brought to his mirror, he gives her an appointment to take action, but in return does not pay the promised amount and threatens to release the videos and footage of his victim that he has discreetly filmed.

According to the PLCC, the sex scammer has an Instagram account. Miss CA which is her 6thth the victim was contacted through his private messages from the account Manuella _Yasmine. Behind this account (which is none other than the scammer’s), there is a lady. The latter makes the proposal to maintain intimate relations with one of his clients for the amount of 130,000 CFA francs.

And to agree better, she asks the CA lady to exchange on WhatsApp. Miss CA, a follower of “bizzi”, gives him her phone contact to continue exchanging on WhatsApp. “Ms. Manuella _Yasmine, insists on the discretion and effectiveness of payment after the work is done,” PLCC says.

Hesitant at first, Ms. CA finally accepted the request. She has financial worries and the promised 130,000 francs can do her business. The “deal” completed, the customer number (DTFA, in fact) is given to him. Moments later, the scammer contacts her and arranges to meet her at a hotel the same day to “kill the game.”

During their sexual relationship, DTFA records videos and images without Ms CA’s knowledge

Head down, Mrs. CA rushes to the meeting place. The rest takes place between one-day lovers. During their sexual intercourse, DTFA records videos and images without Ms. CA’s knowledge. At the end of the well-paced sex, the man informs CA that she needs to go to Lady Manuella _Yasmine to get her money.

The poor girl rushes to the meeting place, but Manuella _Yasmine is conspicuous by her absence. Worse, she does not accept any of the calls made by CA

When she decides to contact him on Instagram to express her displeasure, she receives in return videos and images of herself followed by threats to publish on social networks.

Mrs. CA is frightened and trembling in all her limbs. But she gathers her courage to capture PLCC. With the support of the Digital Forensics Laboratory (LCN), the PLCC is launching an investigation. The investigations carried out lead to the named DTFA, who has no difficulty sitting down to eat and admits that she is the owner of the account Manuella_Yasmine and miss_auriane_1.

He was presented to the Public Prosecution on the charge of fraudulent use of personal identification and pimping through an information system.

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