FAVORITE MUSIC. Oete, the future icon of French electro pop, in an exclusive concert in France 3 Hauts-de-France.

Barely 24 years old and already a rising French pop star. In “Les Hauts en Scènes”, Picard Oete gives us seven titles from his first album “Armes & Paillettes”, in stores from October 21, 2022.

After releasing four singles, including the smash hit HPV AND PROTECTIONOete, alias Thibaut Blond, singer-songwriter from Beauvais in the Oise, offers us today a full album with nine titles: bright Arms & Sequins available from October 21, 2022.

Nominated and highly noticed at Printemps de Bourges 2022, and having offered the first pieces of artists such as Feu! Chatterton, Julien Doré, Juliette Armanet, Oete seem to be charting their way to the heights or rather the stars, an electro-pop path, marked with sincerity and heart.

Oete is the other me of Thibaut Blond, the one who expresses and expresses himself. The name of this artist – pronounced “EUX-T” – is taken from the word “poet” from which the P is removed. The tone is given immediately. His album will have lyrics, grace and emotion.

Our singer (p)Oete grew up in the Oise, in the countryside, near Beauvais, more precisely in Maulers, which must have at most 250 souls.

At the age of 13, thanks to his first laptop, the young Thibaut had access to his musical discoveries: Brel, Barbara… while at the same time he became passionate about poetry.

Growing up, the kid from Picardy is bored in the village. He does not recognize himself in the political or social values ​​of those around him or in the manhood claimed by boys of his own age whose professions he does not share.

He wanted to open up to the world, already suggesting a tendency to artistic creation: he got acquainted with theater, dance and circus art. At the same time, he attends a course to become a specialist lecturer and receives his diploma. He starts working to help the street neglected for three years, young people from priority neighborhoods.

At the age of 17, he switched to music. It was at this age that he bought his first guitar, with his first salary. Self-taught by teaching himself the instrument, thanks to videos on the web, he soon abandoned covers to start composing on his own, then writing his own lyrics. He needs her to express his differences and neuroses.

His evolution is quite dazzling. By June 2021, he was dropped by the label Roy Music for his first single, HPV, in which he delights, to the point of stripping naked, as he confesses to the sexually transmitted disease papillomavirus, which he contracted himself.

An unclassifiable artist

Oete is a disco ball that makes you dance simultaneously with a melancholic, neurotic poem, worthy of the lyrics of the singer Christophe or Daniel Darc.

Disco is up there with the synthetic sounds of the 80s: Oete flirts with melodies that could evoke the band Niagara – his title recovery As the fields burn it is divine – or even a Clara Lucianior Juljeta Armanet – which he also opened in Saint-Lô et Lorient on November 10, 2022 – some new wave tones too, and sometimes a touch of funk, all still danceable, but juxtaposed with instinctive, piercing, serious, sometimes sad.

This explosive dissonance gives a very touching artistic result, unique in its kind. Like a glow of heart, but to the end, absolute. And it is the artist himself who managed to define his musical style: from alternative variety on which “we can seriously dance” as he put it during his selection for Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges in 2022.

Oete has managed to define his style as an affirmation of a sought-after freedom, a push for life that also passes into a certain body aesthetics.

Oete is not just music and lyrics. It’s also dance, an androgynous bodily expression that reminds us of a certain David Bowie.

Dandy is made up, has rings on his fingers, polish on his nails, high heels to show his quest for sincerity in who he is.

There is no longer any doubt, Oete is. Oete is Oete and we are with him.

Oete is hot, Oete is cold and his music expresses his primal inner duel which he manages to overcome through writing and composition. He needs weapons and brilliance. both. The weapons of his words and the softness of the melodic brilliance. He proves to us through his creativity that both can coexist and even feed on each other, in a great paradox, both brutal and elegant, but reduced to nothing.

It is this feeling that you will find here, in this 25-minute live concert, recorded in December 2022 at France 3 Lille studios. We wanted the artist to feel at home. The technicians adjusted the lighting on the set, looked for the light, the color that matched it. Oete gave seven titles:

  1. Arms & Sequins
  2. HPV
  4. Thank you for living
  5. Body and Ego
  6. Red fire
  7. head full

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video duration: 24 min 19

In this 25-minute live concert, Oete performs seven titles for us: Armes et Paillettes, HPV, Défense, Merci d’avoir vivre, Corps et Ego, Feu Rouge, La tête plein.

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