CES: 6 tech innovations to watch closely

Posted on January 16, 2023, 11:22 amUpdated on January 16, 2023 at 4:13 pm

An unforgettable event for the tech world, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas once again presented its share of innovations in early January. Among them, here is a selection of innovative products and futuristic creations that can transform, in a more or less playful way, our daily lives.

BMW i Vision Dee

BWM continues on the path of avant-garde inventions. After the iX flow version last year, where the color change technology invented by the E-ink company had already created a surprise, i Vision Dee goes even further. Built using materials from the circular economy, it is full of connected features and offers full driver interaction.

Welcomed with a personal avatar, customizable color, this model mixes augmented reality with virtual reality for a driving experience straight from the future. While this concept won’t be on the road right away, it does give a good idea of ​​the German know-how with ideas that will undoubtedly be used in certain series to come.

With U-Scan

The French brand is still innovative in the health sector: Withings is launching home urine analysis. The principle is very simple: a small pebble sticks to the inside of the toilet and analyzes all the biomarkers present in urine on a daily basis – almost 3000 metabolites. Able to distinguish users, it houses cartridges for different analyses: “nutritional balance” to monitor food and water intake and “cycle sync” to monitor menstrual and hormonal cycles.

The data is sent via wi-fi to an app, which summarizes the results and gives advice on how to improve your daily life and protect your health. Each capsule lasts approximately three months. A mini-revolution. Starting in the summer for 499.95 euros with subscriptions or purchase of single cartridges.

U-Scan, the device to improve your daily life and protect your health.Dr.

AtmosGear Inline Skates

After skateboards, surfboards, bicycles and scooters, the latest urban nomadic objects, the wheels, are also going electric. French start-up AtmosGear presented in Las Vegas a remote-controlled pair that recharges in about an hour, for 20 km of autonomy – potentially more, with a charging system while skating. There are several modes of operation: by default, you simply press the trigger on the remote control for the rollers to move forward on their own, like scooters. In smart mode, the motor activates when you skate to simply reduce your effort, just like on bikes. Pre-order for 550 euros.

AtmosGear, electric wheels.

AtmosGear, electric wheels.Dr.

Invoxia Smart Dog Tower

The dog collar from the brand Invoxia – the Issy-Les-Moulineaux start-up – is making its second appearance at CES after the 2022 edition. This time, in addition to being able to follow your dog on the trail thanks to its GPS tracking (via GSM with subscription), a system of various sensors aimed at collecting data about its health. The latter analyzes his daily life: running time, rest, meals, but also the level of stress and any cardiac abnormalities.

Enough to monitor his best friend, literally and figuratively, with a dedicated app, connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The water- and dust-resistant silicone collar now fits dogs of all sizes and is available in black, grey-red, green and yellow. Launch planned for 2023 with an announced price of 169 euros.

Airvida T1

A very innovative hybrid product is this in-ear headphone, which also acts as an air purifier. With a futuristic silhouette, this little accessory in the shape of a flying disc makes it possible to block out ambient noise thanks to active noise reduction technology. Of course, it acts as a Bluetooth headset for music or phone calls. But the real innovation lies in its ability to disperse negative ions which have the property of eliminating pollution around the face. 99.9% of H1N1 viruses or pollens for example and 95.3% of conventional bacteria are destroyed, according to the manufacturer, thanks to these particles designed by Airvida T1.

The dedicated application provides information on the surrounding air, with the possibility of “increasing” the number of ions to nearly 3 million per cm3 every 0.6 seconds. Automatic notifications are also provided in case of changing air conditions while the case can be used as a desk cleaner. Pricing and availability are still unknown.

More than headphones, the Airvida revolution proposes air filtration.

More than headphones, the Airvida revolution proposes air filtration.Dr.

Acer eKinekt BD 3 bike table

Work is health! In any case, this is the expression that Acer engineers have tried to illustrate with this desk bike. The first prerogative of this extraordinary hybrid is to exercise while working. Studies have also recently shown that moderate physical activity has a very positive impact on the ability to memorize and concentrate.

Here, then, an exercise bike that sits under a classic desk the size of a small table – big enough to fit your computer and smartphone on it. It is these two objects that are concerned by the second functionality of this futuristic object, as pedal strokes are converted into energy, recoverable by your connected objects. So double benefit. About 1000 euros is expected for spring.

Acer has developed something to do sports while working.

Acer has developed something to do sports while working.Dr.

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