APM Metavern, a human and scientific exploration

“Nothing great is achieved that is not an exaggerated hope”

Jules Verne

Future World Workshop

APM, the Association Progrès du Management, organizes its convention every two years to maintain collective momentum and learn together. This time, it is held in Nantes. It offers a human and scientific exploration for SME managers from the most prominent experts opening them to the “future worlds”. The 2023 event has been in preparation for 2 years. It welcomes for 2 days about 6000 French leaders.

Preparation for such an event is in itself a travel and collective learning combining upstream and during creation time, sequences of design fiction , consulting actors, scouting the convention site, getting consultants and personalities to enliven the plenaries. Transforming a convention center into a friendly learning space is a challenge. Many actors have been mobilized to successfully organize the event, including the Nantes design school, a communication agency, sound experts and development specialists.

For the members of the association, 180 international experts (adventurers, philosophers, sociologists, good sportsmen, young talents, international business leaders, great musicians, etc.) lead 150 seminars, round tables different sensory and emotional experiences around 17 themes chosen to project participants into the world that comes and builds with them.

“Future Worlds Workshop” is the retained title. 414 animators support the pedagogy carrying out the missions of coordination, animation of creative co-development or co-dream. They play the role of moderators, reporters, creators of a knowledge base, researchers, facilitators “Human Library”, facilitators of the learning experience and finally coaches of entrepreneurial challenges.

They are trained during this activity in pedagogical practices to increase the effect of presentations and acquisition of knowledge. One hundred young people are invited, two of whom will speak in a plenary session to encourage reflection on the climate (a climate fresco is planned), managerial or social issues. The road to the event is a moment of transition for the entire association to its future worlds.

A double event

The digital dimension is very present as the agreement is also figital. Some of the workshops are actually placed online including some of the content and emotions experienced on site, such as physical exhibits transcribed in biomimicry or remote work in 360° visits, drone shots, broadcast plenary conferences directly. live, virtual reality or augmented reality experiences, with posters that open to universes set in motion. of metaverse are also explored.


A hall attracts attention. He has been appointed Metaverna. This neologism is a combination Jules Verne and Metaverse provided by the members themselves. This hall hosts about fifty experiential seminars organized in 4 areas: Being human, being alive, being in action, being in motion. Each of these poles aims to project itself into future worlds. A mezzanine dominates the hall and allows you to orient yourself with an orientation table like an explorer. There is no need to register in advance, just the desire to explore will lead everyone to their desire to learn and discover.

  • In the “Living Being” pole, the contribution of biomimicry is developed, the reflection of what it means to be an entrepreneur of the living, to feed tomorrow or take care of the world. Dreamy and luminous audio experiences are on offer. An inspiring exhibition on the lessons of nature has been staged for the visitors.
  • In the pole “Being in motion”, the exploration of the body is in the center of attention. Or to make it vibrate in the collective intelligence, or to learn to move in adversity on a tatami, or even to make it resonate. Plastic and solid creative experiences and light sculpture experience come to stimulate creativity.
  • In the “Being in Action” section, entrepreneurs and navigators are in the spotlight. A giant sailing simulator, a sheet metal and an exhibition show the contribution of the marine world to entrepreneurs. Innovative entrepreneurs present their solutions to their peers. A 360° agora is installed and expert disputes on current social issues are organized there.
  • In the “Human Being” pole, it is about exploring the age ofthe anthropocene , either by means of maps that give the traces of people on the planet, or by teleporting with 360° photos of the most beautiful natural places. A place has been created for inclusion in work, difference and disability. The exploration of our limits, the power of our projects driving progress is carried out by a variety of devices. A tent is erected in the heart, famous sociologists, philosophers and explorers come here to drink tea in complete privacy with visitors. An exhibition of telecommuters in all imaginable situations reveals the underside of this social innovation.

In the four main points of metaverna are a space for creativity to recreate professional co-development, a space for creating impactful businesses with young entrepreneurs, a “TedX-style” platform where the best experts follow each other – the other and finally a technological space discovery. where drones, virtual reality, augmented reality, generative artificial intelligence and new digital challenges are tested.

During the event, a progress box records visitors who wish to do so about their learning, their visions of progress and the transformations they experience. These collected words are intended to feed a research action led by a researcher recruited by APM. The human library offers to meet during signing sessions and reading circles about 80 authors of economic, scientific and human works covering all current trends.

At the center of all these explorations, a large bubble protects an audio and video recording studio that covers the event and promotes the most daring thoughts to the remote participants. The collected material will feed an ebook on the theme of progress, which unites all members of the association. More than 30 co-authors collectively produce this new vision of the world.

The whole event is intended to be an example of environmental standards by setting ea Reeve’s Warehouse which imposes choices that respect people and the environment in the organization (short circuit, car pooling, social clauses).

From all this XXL education offers, participants have a variety of controls on reality to build their future worlds to match their ambitions.


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