Stables, the PMU game that puts you on the run

Blockchain today represents a real boon for any industry that wants to be at the forefront of innovation. Even in the world of gaming, blockchain has the coast with the tokenization of the economy that offers an infinity of possibilities. Aware of this challenge, the European leader and world number 3 in horse racing betting is entering Web3. Indeed, PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) is starting a new dynamic and offers itself a project that matches its ambitions. Thus, it has partnered with 321founded, the “first corporate startup studio” in France, to create the first French Fantasy Game Web3 platform under official licenses (France Galop and Le Trot) based on real racehorses: Stalla. Also, it is a new deal in horse racing experience that combines NFT, blockchain and gaming. We tell you everything about this new gaming platform.

Stalla, a winning bet for PMU

Horse racing is an ancient pastime that is very popular in many countries. The industry now weighs several billion dollars. With its Stables platform, PMU is breathing a breath of modernity by introducingnew web3.

Indeed, Stables offers a new gaming experience based on NFT and web3 technology that captures the intensity of horse racing, and all this from January 9, 2023. Thus, it is the meeting of the virtual and the real. It is the result of the cooperation of a team of experts established under the guidance of PMU. Entrepreneurs, Web3 specialists and professionals from the world of horse racing have gathered around a common goal: to provide a new, innovative horse racing experience.

Additionally, Stables has a major blockchain partner. Thus, it is Tezos that has met all the criteria of the platform, in particular:

  • high level of security;
  • low energy cost;
  • low transaction fees;
  • an important community and partners;
  • long-term operational waiting.

NFT accessible to all

The Stables platform offers its users the opportunity to own NFTs. Each NFT stable represents a digital horse linked to a real racehorse. Hundreds of attributes and millions of combinations are distributed among these perfectly designed 3D horses. In addition, owners of these NFTs will have access to rewards related to real races and fantasy play. Therefore, they will actively contribute to the development of the game, as the proceeds from NFT sales will be reserved and used exclusively to animate the game and the community.

As of Monday, January 9, players have the opportunity to start with Stables. In other words, they can participate in an initial selection of NFTs from white list. By registering, they will receive a free Stable Pass (ntNFT), which will be the key to enter the Stables universe and the entire process up to the production of their NFT.

To this end, they can register their wallet addresses to receive exclusive NFT from the platform’s two annual collections. These early adopters will be able to receive up to 2 NFTs from the collection per wallet. Thus, Stables offers the possibility of trying to be part of the whitelist by conducting research on his website. It should be noted that this is the only possibility to merge NFTs with the gifts organized in the Stables ecosystem.

Between the virtual and the real, Stables rises to the top

Stables builds on the PMU ecosystem to deliver an innovative horse racing experience. The intensity of the universe is there, as these races are based on real horse racing.

The results of these real races are used to award NFT holders special points called S-Points.

The distribution of these points is carried out thanks to an algorithm which is based on an empirical model of 10 years of horse racing data.

Some improvements are also planned for 2023.

Thus, the game will grow thanks to the users and will allow players to intervene in their NFT and practically modify their performance and results.

guide are considered:

  • January: Opening of the white list
  • Q1 2023: NFTs decline
  • Q2/Q3 2023: Fantasy game launch
  • Q1 2024: International development

Despite a gloomy market context, NFTs still remain a safe bet on the blockchain. PMU, an almost century-old company, is riding the wave of innovation. It has great wealth because it has a real economy that puts it at the service of technology. By collaborating with 321founded, PMU is expanding its horizons thanks to Web3. Be in the starting blocks for its launch Fantasy game scheduled for the first half of 2023.

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