Meta Masters Guild cryptocurrency presale raised over $274,000

The latest platform to play to win, Meta Masters Guildraised $274,854 from enthusiastic investorsjust four days after its presale began.

The project presents itself as a society and its mission is to become the reference ecosystem for games to be won on mobile.

Interest in cryptocurrency gaming continues to grow as the decentralizing power of the technology is a perfect fit for gamers looking to take ownership of their in-game assets and game developers looking to monetize their work.

of the analysts predict that Meta Masters Guild will be the game’s fastest growing cryptocurrency to earn this year, with a potential 10x growth.

Buy MEMAG today and take advantage of a 42% price increase in the second phase of the presale

The $MEMAG crypto is in the first phase of a presale that will take place in seven phases. The token can currently be purchased for $0.007 before the price increases when goal of $490,000 will be achieved in the first phase.

During the second step, the price will increase to $0.01, which is a 42.8% increase from the current first phase price.

The presale includes seven phases in total and the cap is set at $4,970,000.

At the current rate, MEMAG could enter phase 2 as early as next week, so there is no time to lose buying at the lowest price.

Meta Masters Guild is an ambitious project that seeks to attract indie game development studios and indie developers on its platform. Game around is the first of them to take the step.

Meta Masters Guild’s first gaming partner is no stranger. Game studio Gamearound recently developed a game for fashion retailer Boohoo, a company with over $1 billion in revenue.

Meta Masters Guild Brand Ambassador Patrick Hegarty provides a quick overview of the project in the YouTube video below. :

The first game – Meta Kart – from Gamearound is in an advanced stage of development

The project has three games in the works, one of which, Meta Kart, is in an advanced stage of development.

like Meta Masters Guild does not seek to compete with AAA gameswhose development could cost tens of millions of dollars, the fundraising will provide more than enough resources to fulfill her business plan.

The Meta Masters Guild aims to attract a sizeable audience for its games among the large and growing group of casual gamers found on mobile. Racing games are especially popular.

To start playing Meta Kart, select your favorite drivers and karts, then compete against other players on one of the many racing circuits.

presale to the guild of meta masters

Meta Kart is a free game that includes a variety of features from play to win.

You can choose to play only in arcade mode or test your skills in PVP competitions (player vs. player) with high stakes.

Players use gems or MEMAG tokens to purchase and upgrade their leaders and cards, available in the Meta Masters Guid store.

You can also play and win in arcade mode get rare NFTs. Meta Masters Guild NFTs are playable characters in the game once purchased and rendered in 3D.

Meta Masters Guild has two more games in the works

meta masters guild meta kart

The platform has two other games, both in the concept stage. Meta Masters World is a building, exploration and conquest mobile game created by Gamearound.

Players can earn or buy lands and playable characters from the NFT Store.

The World Masters meta will be free-to-play, but will also include a variety of gameplay and earning features centered around skill-based tasks.

Players can explore the Meta Masters World and complete in-game quests to play and win. They can also buy land choosing from a variety of constructions to help them upgrade NFT.

The third game, also in the concept stage, is NFT Raid. The team will provide more details at a later date.

MEMAG Token’s place in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem

All games on the platform use the $MEMAG token, which will be easily convertible to the game’s reward currency, called Gems.

Gems are off-chain assets, meaning they do not reside on a blockchain and are therefore not strictly cryptocurrency tokens.

But it is this off-chain feature that makes Meta Masters Guild an App Store friendly product that can be trusted by Apple and Google app stores.

For those who prefer to steer clear of app stores, there will also be a browser-based version of its games.

Meta Masters Guild leaves behind Axie Infinity and Yield Guild Games

The Meta Masters Guild is very different from the Yield Guild Games, which started as a scholarship program for Axie Infinity.

Meta Masters Guild takes a more consistent approach by creating games that are actually fun to play.

By focusing on engaging gameplay, meaning players engage in fun rather than boring game mechanics that emphasize “winning” instead of “playing,” Meta Masters Guild will probably be more successful.

In short, The Meta Masters Guild wants to replace playing to win with playing and winning. In other words, its games are all about fun and entertainment, which is why there will be a free-to-play option as well as P2E.

This approach will allow players who invest their time in the games they love to benefit from their efforts in a way that is not possible with older games.

The games are super popular and profitable

The data for Statistics show that The total revenue of the racing game industry was $2.68 billion last year.

If the Meta Masters Guild manages to collect just 1% of this revenue, it will reach a turnover of 26 million dollars.

And of course, the gaming industry represents a growing pie in which the influence of crypto should help increase revenue and profits. The Meta Masters Guild plans to be at the forefront of this change.

However, what makes Meta Masters Guild different from its traditional competitors like Zynga and others is that, by design, allows players to take a share of the winnings.

Meta Masters Guild will stand out early in this bull phase, but will also thrive in a bear market

The mobile gaming sector generated revenue of $77.2 billion in 2020according to Newzoo Research.

Web3’s decentralization has the potential to profoundly disrupt the value dynamics of the gaming industry in a way that puts gamers at the center of the action in every way.

Moreover, according to a recent Dapp Radar Report, blockchain games accounted for about half of all active dApp walletswhich suggests that it is probably the strongest area in the crypto market.

As such, the potential end of the bear market that crypto may currently experience will likely cause gaming projects such as Meta Masters Guild to fail.

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