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All experts repeat it again and again and statistics confirm it: the plane is the safest means of transport. However, many people suffer from fear of flying. A travel expert has shared her top tips for overcoming this phobia.

Fear of flying, or aviophobia, usually results in extreme anxiety and panic before or during a flight. This phobia can prevent many travelers from taking advantage of this very convenient means of transportation to travel across borders, seas and oceans.

Jane Hawkes, a former flight attendant who became a travel expert, quoted this Saturday, January 14 by the English newspaper wontsays that people with aviophobia can always try to reduce their fear.

Fear of flying or aviophobia usually results in extreme anxiety and panic before or during a flight (By M-Production/AdobeStock)

She has, in fact, revealed her best tips to help these people minimize their fears so they can fly and have unique travel experiences.

Getting used to the crowds and the noise of the planes

According to the specialist, a large part of nightmarish The connection with aviophobia is due to the unpredictability of events, the feeling of lack of control and the fact of not knowing what will happen.

This anxiety can be alleviated by ” visiting the premises in advance and getting familiar with this environment “, she recommended. To do this, the traveler who suffers from this phobia can visit the airport the day before his flight.

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Get used to crowds, aircraft noise and other sounds associated with the airport “, advised the former flight attendant. Therefore, these people can visit the airport before their flight and adjust to the environment by spending some time in an on-site cafe or taking a walk.

Choose foods that are believed to reduce anxiety

before the flight, it’s important to eat foods known to reduce anxiety, such as Brazil nuts said Jane Hawkes. It is also important that “rhydrated ester in flight avoiding alcohol or other incentives and drink lots of water instead “.

For the specialist, drinking plenty of water and eating snacks such as Brazil nuts before the trip can help travelers feel more relaxed during their flight if they are anxious.

Communicate your anxiety to the flight attendants

During boarding, the anxious passenger can express his fears about some aspect of the flight to the cabin crew. In addition, to stewardess and flight attendants often encourage passengers to come and talk to them if they have any problems.

A visit to the cockpit, where flight personnel can explain the technical side of aviation and the reasons for disturbing noises, can be very helpful. “, she assured.

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By knowing what to expect, cabin crew may be able to help passengers who are afraid of flying by monitoring them if they are particularly anxious.

Take fear of flying classes

Airlines will do anything to help people overcome their fears, because at the end of the day, they’d rather have more customers on board their planes. Some airlines, such as Air France, even have programs designed specifically for this purpose.

According to Jane Hawkes, a course delivered by experts can help passengers fly with more confidence and support “.

the plane of fear

Cabin crew may be able to help passengers who fear flying (By JLabrador/AdobeStock)

For example, Air France offers two solutions to help travelers overcome their fear of flying. The first solution is to follow ” a virtual reality program to be completed independently in your own home and at your own pace over a period of 30 days “.

The second solution involves the practice of ” Smooth the plane lasting one day face-to-face at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, the company says on its website.

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