Blockchain in Business: Explosive Growth for 2023? – This report reveals the trend

Is adoption on the way? “Blockchain” is a word that has been in our dictionaries for several years. However, its value proposition has been slow to push the boundaries of the business world, always reluctant to new developments that might disturb the tranquility of the established model. However, the situation would have changed significantly in 2022.

Blockchain: on-chain adoption in companies?

Blockchain, companies are getting into it. Is sheproclamation the last study carried out by the companies casperlabs AND Zogby Analytics. Far from being just anyone, Casperlabs is working on developing just one blockchain dedicated to business needs, all sectors combined. Therefore, she has an enhanced knowledge of the transformations taking place within the various players in the industry.

regardless of a complicated year 2022 in many respects, the report’s conclusions are instructive. Indeed, companies, undaunted by recent events, seem to be increasing their interest in this sector. Moreover, they are considering it more than seriously invest in 2023, if not done yet. The panel interviewed included 603 decision makers in the USA, England and China.

Businesses all over the world are adopting blockchain technology

the conclusion? The decision is final. CLOSER 90% of them have already announced deployment of blockchain technology in all or part of their processes. AND 87% of them plan topour in in this technology in the year 2023.

“It is very encouraging to see that companies see blockchain technology, not as a competitor, but as a solution. »

Ralf Kubli, Executive Member of the Casper Association

Indeed, companies have many problems; some that have always stood in their way. And blockchain, seemingly nothing, offers quite effective solutions. The technology is particularly used in data security (42%) and copy protection (42%). IT boxes use it to manage internal flows (40%),supply chain improvement (34%) and software development (30%).

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Education: the key to the democratization of blockchain technology?

Now, the moment to adopt has well and truly begun. In fact, the year 2023 in all likelihood it should appear STRENGTHENED of this one. As the industry understands the value proposition it offers, blockchain must find its way into the heart of its processes. And this is the key: understandingIeducation ANDaccessibility The solutions.

Because in these last points, there is still a long way to go. In particular, the study shows that respondents get confused still regularly the terms blockchain AND “crypto” which they assume are interchangeable. Additionally, other obstacles prevent the growth of the blockchain industry. Among other things, the limited knowledge of developers in this new field, the lack of suitable tools and interoperability can be observed.

To finish, the crypto sector remains subject to distrust and the cynicism induced by the mere mention of his name. This is because of relentless noise against the sector in recent years.

Therefore there will be as many obstacles to overcome to highlight significant competitive advantages that this new technology brings. It will also be necessary to discover the solutions it can offer to the business world, which has every interest in adopting blockchain quickly… instead of watching with a curious but suspicious eye as its neighbors try in his place, taking the risk of running a late train, once the technology is approved.

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