Advancing healthcare through virtual reality research

January 16, 2023 | Jennifer Audette | South News | The Adventist World

AdventHealth University (AHU) and Full Sail University recently opened the Full Sail University Healthcare Technology Lab.

The universities, both based in Central Florida, USA, will use the lab to develop joint health care research projects, conduct progress reviews and expand learning opportunities for students. The facility will be located in Full Sail University’s emerging technologies wing on its campus in Winter Park, Florida.

The Full Sail University Healthcare Technology Lab will primarily engage Full Sail University students through emerging Technology degree programs including Computer Science, Cyber ​​Security, Game Development, Information Technology and other programs. Students from AHU’s various degree programs, including nursing and occupational therapy nursing, will use the lab to find innovative technology solutions to improve patient safety.

Additionally, teams at Full Sail University and AHU will use the lab to help find innovative solutions to improve the education of nurses and other members of the health care team, an important area for nurse retention and support.

“AdventHealth University is excited to partner with Full Sail University on this state-of-the-art classroom and lab,” said Edwin I. Hernandez, president and CEO of AdventHealth University. “This partnership is a great example of cutting-edge technology providing solutions to how we train and support healthcare workers, especially as they enter the workforce. We can’t wait to see where it takes us, because the possibilities stretch as far as our imaginations.”

This facility, fully equipped with standard technology, including a large-format 3D printer, is the latest expansion of the partnership between Full Sail University and AHU. During the COVID-19 pandemic, both universities developed the Rapid Dispensing Video Simulation and Automated Drug Delivery System, which are training technologies created in an immersive multiplayer virtual reality trainer for students at AHU Nursing, while the school found new ways to engage distance learners in the nursing curriculum.

Additionally, in 2020, Full Sail University and AHU have partnered to win the annual Iron Dev Interservices/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference. The winning virtual reality solution prototype serves as a proof of concept for a virtual command center to help healthcare facilities and systems like AdventHealth visualize hospital resources and COVID-19 data points.

“At Full Sail University, we encourage our students to not only create emerging technology solutions for fun or to earn course credit, but also to serve a purpose and make an impact within the community,” said Shawn Stafford, director of research and director of courses. at Full Sail University. “The medical expertise provided by AdventHealth University empowers our students to create research-based solutions to real-world problems, just as they will when they enter their professional careers. We look forward to seeing the great projects that will see the light of day in this new lab and that will continue to flow from this partnership.”

The partnership will continue to provide emerging technology students at Full Sail University and AHU students with access to healthcare industry experts as new practices, procedures and technologies are developed to support the healthcare industry. Students gain hands-on experience in how to bring emerging technologies and innovative mindsets to industry.

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