The return of the Japan Geek Festival in Limoges and some other good literary surprises

Pop Culture: The 2nd Japan Geek Festival

Manga, but also video games, board games, web culture, cosplay: let’s go for the Japan Geek Festival, the second edition. It will be February 4th and 5th in Limoges at the Parc des Expos de La Bastide.

This new edition will welcome extraordinary guests and interactive and exclusive activities, the organizers promise. Among the guests, youtubers and dubbing actors, Brigitte Lecordier and Philippe Ariotti, the voices in particular of Son Goku and Frieza in Dragon Ball Z. The first edition of the Geek Festival of Japan was held in 2022 in Limoges.

Olivier Rolin in writing residence in Limoges

Author of novels, travels, essays, inspired by May 68, his political engagement and his travels, Olivier Rolin will stay in a writing residency in Limoges for a month from January 15.

Public meetings are scheduled for January 26, February 3 and 9 at the Francophone Multimedia Library downtown.

This writing residency is supported by Les Rencontres de Chaminadour, which organizes literary meetings of the same name in Creuse every year. Olivier Rolin was the guest of honor in 2011. His writing residency will continue from February 15 to March 15 in Guéret.

Two new SF novels in March

Haut-Viennese author Gil Prou ​​and his collaborator Oksana have already published many novels or essays, mostly science fiction for the former. Very prolific, the duo published two books with Rivière Blanche on March 1, in two different collections: Ereshkigal AND Soliloquy in Splendor.

The first takes place in the summer of 1352, when an epidemic of the Black Death that has just ravaged Europe finally comes to an end. Coming from the darkness, strange six-dimensional creatures invite the heroes to sublimate themselves through a wondrous alchemy…

Gil Prou ​​and Oksana

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The second stages, the cursed eight, are imprisoned in a quantum void that is the matrix of All, where they constantly experience the cruel conditions of their death. The peculiarity of this text occurs during a zeptosecond, or one trillionth of a billionth of a second, the shortest period that has been measured to date…

Note that this Soliloquy in Splendor accompanied by a record from the group Lyon Grande Loge, available in digital version at from the publication of the novel. Two months later, it will be released on CD and vinyl.

Finally, Limougeaud Emmanuel Hennequin, editor-in-chief of the online music magazine Obsküre, conducted an interview with the band that forms the afterword of the book.

EreshkigalRivière Blanche Publications, 252 pages, €20.
Soliloquy in SplendorRivière blanche publications, 332 pages, €24.

Reading in Limoges: register

Reading in Limoges 2023 will be different from previous editions, without marquee and perhaps with fewer authors, but the section of literature for young people is being prepared, with school actions for students from the junior section to the university, says the municipality of Limoges in a press release. .

Teachers who wish to organize an “author meeting” or attend a literary masterclass (poetry, manga, philosophy) with their students can register online at the website, until January 20. Masterclasses will be open to the public, subject to availability.

Dedication of Nicole Charlier in Limoges

Nicole Charlier has just published Return to Konstanz (L’Inventaire edition, distributed by Actes Sud). The story of three sisters who thought they had the same father and who go in search of the father of one of them, who suddenly learns that her biological father is not the same as her sisters. Back, then, to Konstanz, in Germany, where the three sisters lived part of their childhood.

Nicole Charlier will be signing her book on Saturday February 4th at Page et Plume Bookstore from 10am to 6pm.

Nathalie Goursaud AND Lawrence Bonilla

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