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It’s a small revolution in France in terms of legal broadcasting. Two giants have announced their partnership, to allow the French public watch The Last of Us Season 1 online. To avoid piracy due to lack of legal distribution, Warner and Amazon have agreed to distribute HBO content on Amazon Prime Video. A news that is enough to excite competitors like Netflix or Disney +. Zoom in on this news that will please more than one.

Season 1 of The Last of Us airs January 16 on Prime Video

After months of uncertainty, one of TV’s most anticipated series has finally found a launch pad. Since the end of House of the Dragon, no other series has generated such enthusiasm. So that watch The Last of Usseries from the game of the same name, so you’ll have to go to Amazon Prime Video.

Originally, this TV series was planned to be broadcast on the OCS platform. In fact, it is a series produced by HBO, which belongs to the Warner Bros. group. In the United States, the HBO group offers this series directly on its dedicated platform, HBO Max, which does not exist in France.

Amazon Prime Video has just acquired the streaming rights to the new series inspired by the video game The Last of Us!

To watch The Last of Us on Amazon Prime Video in France, you have to wait until January 16, 2023. The first episode will be broadcast there and a new episode will be shown every week. Besides, you won’t have to pay more than the Prime Video subscription price in this specific case.

As a reminder, this it amounts to €6.99 per month. Information to consider, because after the announcement made by Warner and Amazon, it was decided to create a “Warner Pass”. By subscribing, the viewer has access to HBO series, such as Game of Thrones. However, The Last of Us is not affected by this decision.

This deal is a blow to France. Before that, the HBO series appeared on OCS channels. At the conclusion of the partnership agreement, formalized on January 1, 2023, the followers did not give much of the skin of OCS. Without the promise of power watch The Last of Us online stream and in simulcast, there was no reason to subscribe to the platform. In fact, this announcement of the partnership between the two American giants comes after the announcement of the acquisition of OCS by Canal+.

Watch HBO in France.

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As of now, there are no overseas broadcast announcements for The Last of Us series yet. Only France is watching a simulcast on the legal streaming platform Prime Video. With this deal, the streaming giant imposes tough competition on Netflix and Disney+ at all times. To watch The Last of Us in France, all you have to do is to have a Prime Video subscription, and go to the website or mobile app. A strong argument to avoid paying for several platforms to watch your favorite series.

Watch The Last of Us for free

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To get a subscription to Amazon Prime Video and take advantage of the opportunity to watch episode 1 of The Last of Us as soon as it comes outit is recommended to choose one internet box with Amazon Prime Video included. Many offers allow you to combine both services. To save as much as possible, the editors recommend subscribing to Freebox Revolution. In the program, a rate of €19.99 per month for one yearas well as 6 months of free access to Prime Video with the possibility of having up to 270 additional TV channels.

Since good news never comes alone, the release of The Last of Us on Amazon Prime Video is paired with the upcoming release of Warner Pass. The latter will allow you to watch Eurosport, Adult Swim, Discovery, Cartoon Network and TCM channels. A very good news even for the Adult Swim channelquite difficult to reach in France.

What to remember from the release of The Last of Us streaming on Prime Video:

  • the first episode airs on January 16;
  • this episode will be available on Amazon Prime Video;
  • the rest of season 1 will be eligible for one episode per week, every Monday;
  • all HBO Warner series in France distributed by Amazon Prime.

How do I contact Amazon Prime Video customer service?

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