fitness in the time of the metaverse

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Fight Out is moving forward in its mission to completely revolutionize the fitness and wellness industry, as its home ground approaches the symbolic mark of $3 million raised during the presale.

A new way to stay fit

Fight Out is a new platform focused on the principle of move to win (M2E) which generates a lot of enthusiasm from athletes and investors, its goal is to build gyms with Web3 functionalities. The platform, which was unveiled in 2022, works on a simple premise: people will be more willing to exercise if they have a real reason to do so.

With this in mind, this movement to win platform therefore strives to provide its users with financial motivation to stay in shape and improve their physical condition. Fight Out will provide its members with all the tools and content needed to become athletes, and the project will even reward them for it.

When users sign up to Fight Out, the platform allows them to specify their sporting goals. They can also choose which body parts they want to work on. The platform then designs exercise programs and gives them access to content that may be particularly useful to them during their training.

Using the latest technology, Fight Out will provide easy ways for users to track their progress. The app records all the important vital data to make sure they are following their training schedule. And as users progress, they are rewarded with tokens.

Along with key vital data, Fight Out allows users to analyze several other important data such as sleep, nutrition and more. In this way, users are assured that they will have a comprehensive approach to their health and well-being.

In the Fight Out ecosystem, users can earn REPS by completing training sessions and improving their fitness. This project-integrated currency is offered to them when they fulfill their sports goals, it can be used to pay for exclusive content and various subscriptions. With REPS, players can purchase items within the app, but also consult with trainers and sign up for special services offered by the platform.

In addition to REPS, Fight Out also rewards users with badges. These badges have various features, including discounts on certain services offered. As the Fight Out ecosystem evolves, more features will be added for badges and the REPS token.

Fitness in the age of the metaverse

Fight Out quickly embraced innovative concepts in its approach to fitness. The platform’s use of metaverses is one of them, which should allow its community to grow stronger over time.

Players can create their own avatars within the Fight Out metaverse using NFT technology. These avatars will be generated from the users’ vital data, thus becoming stronger in sync with their progress.

In the Fight Out metaverse, users can also communicate and interact with each other. The platform will help them participate in tournaments, competitions and leagues. The platform also includes a virtual store where players can purchase cosmetic items.

FGHT sign

To make the platform work, Fight Out launched FGHT, which is the original token of the project. It is an ERC-20 token that will primarily serve as a transaction tool within the Fight Out ecosystem.

Users can use FGHT to transact and participate in tournaments and leagues. They can also exchange FGHT for REPS to shop in the platform store.

The FIGHT token is available through the Fight Out project presale. This crypto-asset is already benefiting from a very significant craze with $2.89 million raised in less than two months.

At the time of writing, investors can buy the FGHT token for as little as $0.0166. However, with the completion of the pre-sale stages, the price of the token will gradually increase.

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