This ultra-aggressive mobile plan knocks all its rivals down 🥊

If you plan to change plans at the beginning of the year, there is an unbeatable offer that will allow you to make maximum savings on your bill. With more and more choices available in the market, it can be quite difficult to find a size that fits. Sometimes, we are tempted to make concessions to have a lower and lower price at the expense of quality.

However, there is a unique package on the market that differs from the offers that can be offered by current operators such as Orange and Bouygues Telecom. It comes to us from the virtual operator Prixtel which is currently displayed Oxygen plan from 50 GB to 130 GB internet, with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from 9.99 euros per month.

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Take advantage of the Prixtel Oxygen package

As a reminder or for information, Prixtel operates with the SFR network. In other words, its network is of impeccable quality and covers the entire population. Prixtel offers its customers great flexibility with its Oxygen package. Effortless and inexpensive, the latter automatically adapts to your consumption habits. In fact, you have a mobile offer here that allows you to pay only for what you use.

As mentioned, your bill adjusts based on how much mobile internet you use each month. This allows you to save as much as possible on this item of expenses. Because of its operating principle, unique in the telecom market, but also because of its ultra-competitive price, this Oxygen plan from Prixtel is simply the best on the market.

Prixtel: why is its mobile plan different?

As we said, apart from being cheap, Prixtel’s Oxygen package is unlike anything you can see on the market; The virtual operator stands out from its competitors and offers flexible packages. In other words, its tier system allows customers to pay only for what they consume.

With other operators such as Orange or Bouygues Telecom, the package is classic. It comes with a mobile data envelope and a fixed price. Whether you use half of your plan or all of it, you always pay the same amount. If you exceed that, you are out of the pack. This can quickly become very expensive. Either way, neither case is ideal.

Oxygen package © Prixtel

At Prixtel the packages work differently. They are suitable for every customer. In detail, each package consists of 3 levels. Each level includes a specific range of Gigas for a different price. When the first level (or the following ones) is exceeded, you will pay more. If you stay in the first tier, then you will pay the base price, which is the lowest.

In terms of flexibility, it is really very interesting and you quickly understand why the Oxygen package from Prixtel is outstanding in the market.

In the case of the Oxygen package, this gives:

  • From 0 to 50 GB: 9.99 euros
  • From 50 GB to 90 GB: 12.99 euros
  • From 90 GB to 130: 15.99 euros

In short, this bearing system is very simple to understand. As we said, it will allow you to really only pay for what you use each month. Whichever level you reach, you benefit from a 20GB internet envelope usable by the EU/DOM. Calls, SMS and MMS are just as unlimited in France as abroad. Another good argument, then, to fall for this package.

Offers suitable for everyone

Prixtel doesn’t just offer its Oxygen package. The latter features two other subscriptions that use the exact same tier system. The only difference is the price, which increases slightly after the first 12 months. For the rest, the included services are identical. So we have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

In detail, we have “Le grand” which allows you to enjoy from 100 GB to 140 GB from 10.99 euros. Or “Gigant”, for large consumers and which allows access between 140 GB and 200 GB from 12.99 euros. Like the Oxygen package, these are based on the SFR operator’s network.

All information about each package is available on the Prixtel website. MNVO is completely transparent about its fees. Also if you change operator, it is Prixtel that takes care of the termination of your old package. With a simple request, it also takes care of the portability of your current phone number.

You just need to give him your RIO code. This is obtained by calling 3179 from the mobile line whose number you wish to keep. Of all the offers, this is the Oxygen package which is the most interesting at the moment. Without commitment, it is the closest to reality.

The latter is likely to disappear at any time. Don’t wait any longer if you finally want to pay the right price for what you actually consume.

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