‘It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen’: Game of Thrones update shocks fans

JVTech News ‘It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen’: Game of Thrones update shocks fans

Almost 4 years after the airing of the last season of Game of Thrones, the mythical TV series has returned to the forefront of the stage offering a novelty, to say the least, special. However, this did not sit well with the fans…

Game of Thrones suddenly shocks fans

Suddenly, Game of Thrones is back by offering an official collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on characters from the famous series.

As a reminder, an NFT is a digital certificate of ownership in the form of a token, generally associated with a digital collectible. Owners of this Game of Thrones token can trade it or resell it as they wish.

Released publicly on January 10, the collection called “Build Your Realm” offered NFTs called “Hero Boxes” for $150 (€138).

Specifically, these famous packs contained an avatar of a hero of the series, so you could get an Arya Stark, or even a white walker. But that’s not all, the box contained “resource” cards to allow fans to “build their kingdom”.

“Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm is a one-of-a-kind collective experience that connects fans to their favorite franchise like never before. The program will give fans the opportunity to build their own kingdom through themed community activities, enhanced avatars and digital collectibles, including iconic moments, locations, characters and more from the groundbreaking TV series. we can read on Niftys official website of the collection.

Although the concept seems vague at the moment, the online sale was a real financial success as almost 5,000 NFTs were sold in just a few hours.

However, a few days after the sale, it is clear that some collectors are absolutely not convinced by this Game Of Thrones collection.

A collection of Game of Thrones that is clearly not unanimous

First, the Game of Thrones NFT sale on the popular Nifty’s market did not go as planned. Indeed, some technical problems have significantly increased the wait for buyers. Some waited several hours before they could get their “Hero Boxes”. When others have had confirmation without receiving their NFT.

After the sale ended, buyers were in for a new surprise… In the NFT market, cosmetics are often hidden for a few days after the sale to make way for the surprise reveal of their virtual item. In the case of the Game Of Thrones collection, this “reveal” was heavily criticized by the community. Many decry the poor artistic quality, going so far as to describe it as “terrible”.

Avatars have even been mocked for their “claw” shape instead of hands. In terms of resources, it’s not much better. The illustrations for these are taken from the free image libraries…

However, despite the criticism surrounding this first GOT collection, Warner Bros. intends to put the cover up soon, announcing:

“The second Series 2 will soon be available on OpenSea. »

This is also not a first for the studio, last October, Warner Bros. had proposed a simlaire NFT concept for the Lord of the Rings license.

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