Alès: with the Raia association, access to culture is crazy

Through Micro-Folie, a digital cultural platform with twelve cultural institutions, inaugurated on Thursday January 12, history and art become accessible to everyone in a fun and innovative way.

Storm! On the giant screen, Medusa’s raft appears. With a digital brush, Laureena Di Francesco, referent of the Micro-Folie project within the Raia association, circles the distant silhouette of a ship towards which the castaways of Géricault’s painting look. An innovative approach offered by the installation of the Micro-Folie project inaugurated today, supported by the Ministry of Culture and developed by La Villette, now accessible from the premises of the Prés Saint-Jean association.

When I took over, the move to digital was one of my objectives. explains Fouad Boumarcid, director. After discovering a similar project, I looked for answers to my questions and found this tool to develop digital spaces in atypical places.”

In this case Raia, the association recently labeled a Caf info point, in the heart of a priority district, whose large hall has been transformed into a large digital museum. At the controls, Laureena Di Francesco, a graduate in heritage and history, piloting the 15 tablets on tables to browse art history. In the same room, a second virtual reality space allows you to immerse yourself in a museum universe! “In summary, fasten your seat belts, we are leaving the Prés Saint-Jean district, smiled Fouad Boumarcid. But it is above all what is called the pedagogy of deviance, access to culture according to the rhythm of each one, without exception, and which completes the curriculum of a school outside the walls.

With a digitized fund from a dozen national institutions (1), the platform is enriched every year with 3 to 4 collections.

Then make the path to the places of knowledge natural

A free cultural offering, accessible to all, recently used as a teaching aid on the subject of the sacred and the secular or made it possible to complete the work of Diderot’s college students working at the Louvre by designing a collection of works main of the institution. “The goal is to arouse curiosity and raise awareness. That’s what matters. If tomorrow they push the doors of a museum, it’s won.” says Laureena Di Francesco. Closer in time, future work with cultural actors in the Alès basin would create a cultural journey by proposing, upstream via Micro-Folie, the essence of a performance before attending its performance. Or a visit to the Maison-Rouge museum in Saint-Jean-du-Gard after work on the culture and history of the Cévennes. An approach to desecrate cultural sites and naturalize access to knowledge.

(1) The Micro-Folie project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and coordinated by La Villette in collaboration with twelve institutions: Center Pompidou, Palace of Versailles, Citée de la Musique, Avignon Festival, Institute from the Arab World. , Louvre, Orsay, Quai Branly, Picasso, Paris Opera, Grand Palais and Universcience.
(2) In the amount of €50,000, accessible to all and free of charge, it was made possible with the commitment of the Region, Drac, the State, the department (Ms. Couvreur), Caf, Alès Agglo, Alès (Ms. Haoues) and GIP (Ms. Zimmerman). Contact: 04 66 34 32 53

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