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For the third consecutive year, the local Mission of Velay and the Pôle emploi organize the “Caravane de l’alternance”.

This is an opportunity for the public to meet the main actors of the alternation who will travel to several municipalities of the Arrondissement du Puy en Velay during the months of January and February 2023.

The objective is to inform and advise the public about the general offer of work study training in the territory.

Up to 25 stands are present to inform the public about opportunities for internship contracts or professionalisation.

Many sectors are represented such as the tertiary sector, trade, industry, hotel and catering trade, agriculture, sports trade, catering trade, transport and logistics and local trade such as personal assistance.

Find the various dates not to be missed:
work-study caravan 2023 (pdf format – 2.6 months – 13/01/2023)

Work-study training is an effective lever for finding a job.

This professional training model, which combines theoretical learning at school and practical work in the company, has proven its worth. The law on the freedom to choose the professional future of September 5, 2018 has given an additional impetus to this professionalization sector. The government wants to develop young people’s access to this type of training because it facilitates access to the world of work.

It is also a training opportunity from CAP to bac +5 in a wide variety of occupations. Studying comes at a cost to young people and their parents. In most cases, the cost of work-study training is not taxable to the company. The training is financed by the OPCO to which the company is affiliated. The work-study program is, moreover, a reward during the training period.

The main advantage of work-study training is the ability to train concretely in the field with professionals, and moreover, in future occupations for which companies are willing to invest time and resources.

Beyond the youth audience, work-study also represents a possible way of retraining for people in professional transition. During the forum on February 22, 2023, a stand will be dedicated to presenting the various support options towards a professional reorientation.

The state supports and encourages this path to employment

The ambition at the end of the five-year term is to reach one million new apprentices per year nationally. The state provides financial support for work-study recruitment in 2023 in continuation with the new 1 solution plan 1.

For contracts signed from January 1, 2023 and for the entire year 2023:

The aid paid by the state to the company is €6,000 for a student studying business (practice or professionalization contract) for the 1st year of the contract, regardless of the age criterion.

This commitment reflects a threefold objective:

– Encouraging the commitment of companies by supporting them from the first year in the recruitment work-study project;

– Promoting the employment of apprentices at the baccalaureate level or below and in smaller companies;

– Make the system more readable for young people and their employers.

Work-Study Caravan allows you to find out about all training offers and meet training professionals as close to your home as possible.

With these 5 different dates and locations, the caravan is a good way to be closer to an audience whose mobility can be a hindrance.

The partners of these events are pleased with the participation of private and public colleges in these countries, and to allow these young college students to come and learn. The communities of the communes Mézenc Loire Meygal and Cayres Pradelles as well as the municipalities of the places of detention have mobilized to make this event a success.

Work Study Campaign 2023

Throughout January and February and the following months, partners remain mobilized to facilitate the union of employers and the public.

Within the Mission Locale du Velay and at the Pôle emploi, counselors can support the public in their orientation project and towards a positioning in job offers and activity sectors. Internships in companies or periods at CFA can also be organized, to have a better representation of the target profession.

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Contact the “Pôle emploi” of Puy en Velay

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