What if a Podcast could raise awareness of the dangers of the Internet? (6 Episodes already online)

A podcast to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet? This is the idea of ​​AFNIC (the French association for naming the Internet in cooperation). Through the 6 episodes already published, the association wants to inform its listeners about the functioning of the Internet so that they can better understand and identify the risks they may have. We explain all this in detail in this article!

Podcast: a tool to fight against the dangers of the Internet?

AFNIC, the podcast, what exactly is it?

L’AFNIC (French Association for Cooperative Internet Naming) is a French association under the 1910 law dealing with management of French domain names.

Specifically, what does this mean? That it is this association that is responsible for all domain names that end with “.fr”.

of podcast, is a content type that focuses only on audio. It is a format available to listen to on the Internet, on streaming services, which can cover a variety of topics, ranging from a sporting event to the history of a historical event, including the best methods to create a nice feed on Instagram.

Podcasts can be made by one person, but often include guest interviews related to the topic of the episode.

The popularity of podcasts has grown tremendously in recent years, and thousands of podcasts are available to stream or download online for free.

What is the content of the podcast provided by AFNIC?

Based on definitions, interviews with experts and comments, this first collection, produced in collaboration with Makheia and Nouvelles Voix, makes it possible to understand the different types of domain name abuse, the risks of partners and the tools made available by .fr


Here’s how AFNIC determines the content and purpose of these podcasts. Professionals are interviewed to talk about their expertise in a particular area related to the Internet in order to to give advice, define technical terms simply or describe the situations they have experienced.

By investing in this new means of communication, which is becoming more and more popular social networks and with young people, the association wants to reach another public, potentially less vigilant when using the Internet.

This podcast is organized into collections, the first of which, which already contains 6 episodes, is dedicated to online abuse.

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6 episodes already online: what are the topics covered?

6 episodes of the podcast called “Derrière le .fr” have already been published since the beginning of December and cover different areas, through relatively short formats:

  1. Abuse of domain names: what are we talking about and how to act? “: 12-minute interview with Marianne Georgelin, Legal Director of AFNIC”
  2. Online offences, what recourse? “: 15 minutes of discussion with Floriane Duel, lawyer and expert in extrajudicial procedures
  3. What is Cybersquatting? » : Definition in 3 minutes
  4. What is Phishing? » : Definition in 3 minutes
  5. What is a domain name registry? » : Definition in 2 minutes
  6. Identity theft on a domain name » : Definition in 2 minutes

To listen to these first 6 episodes or to know the link that will allow you to consult the next ones to come, go directly to podcast website.

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