The French were less likely to shop on social media than their neighbors

(ETX Daily Up) – Shopping is changing. With the emergence of social media features, e-commerce has entered a new era. However, if the means exist, France is less tempted by this alternative than other countries in the world.

Winter sales are no longer limited to the store. No more endless queues at the checkout, now you can also shop on social networks. sOciaL shopping“has exploded in recent years, but remains more or less popular depending on the country, according to study* conducted by Sapio Research on behalf of Shopify with 24,009 consumers and 9,012 businesses worldwide.

In France, consumers are more reluctant to buy on social networks. Barely a quarter of the French (23%) plan to buy instagram, compared to an average of 30% worldwide. In Italy and Sweden, they are even 38 and 37% to be in favor.

Despite everything, the French say they are more open to change and 90% of them say they are “as likely or more likely to shop online than a year ago”, while 71% are even ready to discover new products. through social networks.

“The results of this study highlight the tremendous opportunity that social commerce represents for the future. When we know that this market could represent 1.2 billion dollars in 2025, it is essential that marketers seize it and rethink their business relationships, to ‘connected with consumers wherever they are, putting authenticity and trust at the heart of every interaction,’ said Emilie Benoit-Vernay, Head of Southern Europe at Shopify.

YouTube, the preferred shopping platform

Younger generations, on the other hand, are less ready for this new way of shopping. whether to YouTube wins first place among the most popular social networks for shopping, all age groups combined, with 28%, the youngest are the most passionate about “social shopping” on this platform. 44% of young French generation Z (18-24 years old) say they are ready to do their shopping on the video platform, while 37% of 25-34 year olds would turn to this platform. TIK Tok also remains an important player as 34% of young consumers are more likely to buy on the Chinese social network.

In response to this appetite, companies have developed features to encourage online shopping. According to the study, 32% of companies surveyed said they invest in social networks and 48% even say it is important to reach their customers through these platforms, just like word of mouth. From this point of view, French companies say they are more convinced compared to foreign competitors, the study points out. “We developed a NFT collection, the experience was a way for us to take a first step on Web3, in a fun way that allowed us to strengthen engagement with our customers. This new channel allows us to express our creativity by creating a new way of connecting with our customers by offering them new creations for a fashion brand. For our community in the Web3 universe, we especially imagined Joky, our virtual ambassador and also the model for our latest fashion show.”, said Judicaël Baudot, Chief Digital Officer. of ElevenParis.

*Methodology: Online survey conducted by Sapio Research, on behalf of Shopify, of 24,009 consumers and 9,012 businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Re, Japan, USA and Canada. In France, 2,001 consumers and 1,001 small businesses were interviewed. The survey took place between September and October 2022.

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