Step by step: how to install a VPN

VPN is popular

Business VPNs have become commonplace with the advent of remote work. This solution makes it possible to securely connect to company resources to work from home. But alongside these solutions that are sometimes too complex to configure, there are many offers on the market dedicated to individuals.

Consumer VPNs sometimes get a bad rap, as many people feel that they are essentially used to connect to illegal streaming services unobtrusively. If this use is not to be obscured, the VPN provides a a large number of completely legal and more practical advantages.

For example, it allows you to access your legal content and streaming services while on vacation abroad, made inaccessible by the host country’s censorship policy or simply for streaming rights reasons. A VPN often makes it possible to bypass this restriction and access the content you paid for.

Another example is that it is not uncommon for future content in the French version of a platform to already be available in the American version or another version. Or that there are more episodes available elsewhere. For the more impatient or addicted, VPNs sometimes make it possible to view this content faster by making the service believe you are geocoded elsewhere.

Another more serious reason to go through a VPN, it allows you to bypass the censorship of authoritarian regimes and protect yourself from their prying eyes. It’s no coincidence that VPNs are banned in countries like China, North Korea, and Iraq.


I will not expand further on the interest of a VPN solution or its operation, I direct you to this the excellent decipherment we have devoted to the subject.

I install the NordVPN solution

The purpose of this article is rather to show you that installing a consumer VPN is not as complex as it seems. I must point out that for this article I used a well-known solution, NordVPN, but other equally respectable solutions offer the same kind of services, such as CyberGhost, Proton or Express VPN, 3 other specialists among the most popular among the general public . .

NordVPN is a cross-platform solution, meaning it offers desktop apps to install a VPN on your Windows PC or Mac, but also mobile apps for your tablet and android smartphone or yours iPhone and your iPad. The service is also compatible Chrome OS and Linux. In our case, we will install on a computer with Windows 10.

I install the app

I start by downloading the Windows app and installing it. No problem, just give NordVPN permission to modify your system. The default installation is on the system drive.



Once NordVPN is installed, we find ourselves in an interface that gives access to various functionalities. NordVPN offers:

  • or protection against malware



  • of creating a mesh network to connect remotely located devices and access them via encrypted connections


  • or surveillance dark web which lets you know if your email address is among the files of personal data stolen and shared on the underground web


These features deserve to exist and it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them as they are included in the package. However, if the editors of VPN solutions are willing to communicate on the topic of security, it should be noted that this security has its limits, as explained very well. our decipherment devoted to the question. A VPN is not intended to replace a security solutionbut more to position itself as a complement.

NordVPN also offers pretty accessible settings, even if you’re not computer savvy. You can enable NordVPN when you start Windows, choose to be notified when you connect/disconnect from a server, change the language, appearance (dark theme / light theme), etc.


I choose the place of connection

Depending on your needs, it’s generally advisable to connect to your home country or a nearby country when you just want to make your browsing anonymous. Using a VPN adds an extra layer to your connection, choosing a location near or your country will keep your connection fast.

On the other hand, if you are interested in geo-located content, you will need to select the country of origin of the content or service.


To be more clear, let me give you an example: I am a fan of Korean dramas and I am interested in one of them, a 16-episode drama series called “Tramway”. When I log in netflixI can access the series, but as you can see below, only the first two episodes are available on Netflix France:



So I have the option to wait to discover episode 3. But if I’m impatient to know the sequel and I’m comfortable in English, I might want to check on the Netflix USA site if the other episodes are already available. For this, I connect via NordVPN to a server in the US:


The streaming service then sees me as a US resident user and I have access to more episodes:


Logically, seeing as a US-based user, the series is offered to me with English subtitles:


Advanced settings

NordVPN offers more advanced settings to meet the most advanced needs:

Connection setting

Here you can startup automation of the application. So you can ask it to automatically connect to the fastest server on startup, choose to make your device invisible on the local network, choose wifi networks that you consider “trusted” so that the VPN connection doesn’t happen while you’re at it, etc.

You can also change dns default to custom DNS. Simply put, a DNS is a kind of virtual “directory” that links IP addresses to domain names so you can connect to them. Choosing a different DNS than the default can provide more privacy, but also sometimes faster browsing. For more information on this topic, do not hesitate to consult our decryption on DNS servers.

Also available in this section, protocol selection. Very important, it makes your connection anonymous by replacing your IP address with that of the server you are connecting to. The most widely used – and currently the most recommended – protocol is OpenVPN. In the choice offered to you here, and without going into too much technical detail, OpenVPN UDP is known to be faster and OpenVPNTCP More reliable. If you are not sure which one to choose, you can leave the setting at “Automatic”.


Server type

The choice will be made according to your privacy and security needs:

standard server : your IP address is replaced by that of the server and your traffic is encrypted.

Dual VPN server : as its name suggests, traffic, encrypted, is sent to two separate servers, which provides an additional layer of confidentiality.

Onion on the VPN server : Your traffic is sent to a VPN server through the anonymous Onion (Tor) network via an independent proxy network, for even greater privacy.

Cloudy server (obfuscated in English): these servers make it possible to bypass Internet restrictions such as firewalls. They are especially indicated in countries where Internet access is limited.

Dedicated IP servers : This type of server is for advanced users who have purchased their own dedicated IP addresses.

Security score

NordVPN offers a tool that allows you to evaluate the security of your VPN tool setup. You can activatemulti-factor authenticationwhich will increase the security of your NordVPN account.

You can also activate the service Kill pass. What? This security disables the internet connection when the VPN is down, for one reason or another. This prevents you from finding yourself exposed during this time.


Note finally that for the purposes of this decryption, I also proceeded to install NordVPN on a Android-TV Brand Philips…


… and on an Android-branded smartphone realwith the same simplicity:


Well, I hope these clarifications will put your mind at ease and encourage you to jump in and start your VPN adventure..

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