PMU launches its digital horse racing platform Web3

PMU officially launches its Stables platform in the metaverse as we presented 1 month ago. This digital platform aims to make players experience the thrill of horse racing in the metaverse. The platform is based on the performance of real racehorses. The ambition of commercial development is international. The data collected by NJPMN for years is the key to the proposed experience. Surprisingly, the riders do not appear in the proposed digital experience.

PMU invests the metaverse with horses in the form of NFTs

A unique experience created by PMU and gaming experts

PMU has joined forces with 321 established, a French corporate startup studio. They assembled a team of entrepreneurs, Web3 experts, professionals from the world of horse racing and a video game studio to create a unique gaming experience based on NFT and Web3 among others.

A unique digital horse whose name and performance are linked to a real racehorse

Starting this year, players will be able to purchase NFTs in the Stable, that is, a unique digital horse whose name and performance are linked to a real racehorse. This collection of 3D horses in a unique and original style is produced by 3D artists. Possession of this NFT will grant access to rewards associated with race wins and fantasy play. It will also allow you to actively contribute to the development of the game universe and join the physical and online community of Stables.

Players will begin their adventure in Stabile this January. They will participate in a first selection (a “whitelist”) created for NFT collectors, cryptocurrency investors and players. This first group of players will be rewarded. Each of them will be able to get 2 NFT per wallet from the first collection which will contain only NFT in the most powerful and rarest versions. There will be two collections per year.

An algorithm uses data from 10 years of racing

The Stables Experiment began on Monday January 9th. People who want to be part of the alpha generation will have to perform research to try to be part of the “whitelist”, the only possibility of “mining” in a few weeks. Stables is a gaming platform that takes advantage of racing data. Points will be awarded per race to digital horse owners based on the results of the current race. This distribution will be provided by an algorithm built on a model that uses a history of 10 years of races. The sales of NFTs will be used exclusively to animate the game and the community.

Players will be able to interact with their NFT and virtually modify their performance and leaderboard

In mid-2023, the game will expand and allow players to modify their NFT and virtually modify their performance and leaderboard. They will have to make the best decisions and use the right items to become the star of the community. So the agenda is to open the whitelist in January 2023, drop NFTs in Q1 2023, launch fantasy play in 2th quarter of 2023 and international development in 3th quarter 2023.

The NFT decline occurs in the first quarter of 2023

In terms of technology, The Tezos blockchain is used as the backbone. It was chosen because it is an energy efficient blockchain where developers, artists, entrepreneurs and brands build and engage in a network of decentralized applications. Stables’ choice fell on Tezos because the blockchain met the five criteria of commitment and responsibility that corresponded to the brand’s aspirations. This platform was chosen for its security, it has been audited by EY, low energy cost, monetary stability, a great community and partners and a long-term operating expectation.
The stable universe is accessible via:

● website:

● Twitter: @playstables

● Instagram: @playstables

● LinkedIn:

● Whitelisting process:

Virtual horses rely on real horses

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