Oculus founder announces plan to create virtual reality headset that could kill its user

Using virtual reality headsets is the current trend when it comes to playing video games. Many reasons encourage different companies to invest in the production of these products, the most important of which is to fulfill the wishes of game lovers. As such, Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus announces his project to create a virtual reality headset that can kill its user. A news that attracts the attention of players and his competitors.

The former CEO of Oculus VR believes that only threats that affect your life can make the game literally real.

Palmer Luckey and Facebook

Palmer Luckey is a young American who is passionate about technology and definitely a geek in this field. He has already created a computer, video games and is currently focusing on the production of a virtual reality headset, one of the products used by gamers. Thanks to his talent, Palmer Luckey was able to found his own company called Oculus. Purchased by Mark Zuckerberg, who is none other than the owner of Facebook, the Oculus company is known as one of the best manufacturers of virtual reality headsets. After this acquisition, Oculus changed its name, Meta Quest.

The real VR headset according to Palmer Luckey

Luckey Palmer has his take on virtual reality headsets. He has long studied player interactions in video games in the virtual world and finds that players are not completely satisfied with the experience. Therefore, according to him, a graphic design no matter how perfect it is, cannot make the game more realistic. This prompts the founder of Oculus VR to create a virtual reality headset that can kill its user. The Oculus Rift and RTX VR headsets are already equipped with a system that can kill its user. However, no deaths caused by the Oculus Rift VR headset have been reported so far.

Palmer Luckey’s VR headset design

According to reliable sources, Palmer’s next killer VR headset will look like the Meta Quest Pro. However, there are some differences, including:

  • The VR headset will be equipped with three explosive charging modules located above the screen. These target the player’s forebrain precisely and if they explode, destroy the user’s head;
  • The color will be similar to Meta Quest Pro ;
  • Screen type it will undoubtedly beof the first quality.

Could this upcoming Palmer VR headset really kill the user?

In the words of Luckey Palmer, creating a VR headset that can kill its user is no easy task. He adds that he is halfway to creating a true NerveGear and that the other half of the equation that will be able to cause the player’s death takes years. In effect, Palmer mentions in his blog post that he has already found the half that can cause the user to die when he dies in the video game. Also, it provided a system that could prevent fraud.

The founder of Oculus VR wants to make it impossible to remove or destroy the headset.

Has Palmer ever tested his killer VR headset?

VR headset design is in progress, but no tests are scheduled yet. The father of virtual reality does not have the courage to test his product either on himself or on other people. The reason is that if the system has defects where it cannot be removed or destroyed, the tester will surely die.

Which means he wants to be sure the device is working properly before testing it on humans.. But how do you know if the product works without testing it? It all suggests a bad feeling according to other sources. However, rumors and suspicions remain.

Will Palmer market this product to the general public?

According to the founder of Oculus VR, this product will not sell to everyone. Eligibility criteria will be approved before this helmet can be marketed. However, according to other information, it is possible for the product to fall into the wrong hands and pose a risk to everyone. So far, the product has never left the Oculus VR founder’s research lab.

Playing video games is really a hobby that the vast majority of young people today really enjoy. However, gaming enthusiasts want to go even further beyond what their console, car or other gaming platforms offer. Palmer has understood what they want and tries to create it. But how would the state act in the face of this new technology from the father of virtual reality? Will Sony, Microsoft and other video game companies be ready to invest in this project?

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