How the 89th Lemon Festival is revolutionizing… metaverses and holograms

It is the street artist from Nice Faben who signs the 5000 NFT collection (The non-exchangeable token is a unique and numbered non-exchangeable digital token. , editor’s note) who will come, in the form of holograms, to enliven the Lemon Festival of the new generation.

Thanks to him and the company Myhologram – based in Saint-André-de-la-Roche and managed by Vanessa Rigaud –, the mascot of the event has become a real star.

Styled, dressed and accessorized in thousands of ways, John Lemon becomes a 3D digital character, able to move, dance… and even sing.

He will demonstrate it every evening, on the facade of the Palais de l’Europe, between February 11 and 24. An NFT in concert? The first in the world!

For this occasion, the lemon man – in Rock & Opera mode – has been renewed from the works of the graffiti artist: colors, shapes, textures, we find this label that has made him successful for many years.

What to parade in style on Thursday evening floats, at night. And get the crowds dancing, of course. What, to enrich the intangible heritage of the city of Menton. Who dreamed it… Who did it.

a revolution”

“Don’t be afraid of NFT”, immediately warns Stéphanie Jacquot, deputy mayor, delegate for culture and events. Because it’s not just about having a John Lemon on the go, it’s about possibly handling one or more. “We have a whole collection, which will be on sale for thirty days. It’s not complicated, just open a wallet, an e-wallet and pay with your bank card.

“Digital assets” bearing the image of the mascot of 2023 appear at 30 euros, for the “classic” series. We climb to 60 euros for the “rare” series of a John Lemon in 3D, animated and dancing rock and opera.

Is it still stingy? Normal. We’re still talking aboutdigital revolution”. In fact, it’s just like buying an engraving, a painting or a sculpture… Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist. John Lemons can be collected, traded, resold, used as an “avatar” in games and immersive environments.

“It is the Myhologram company that markets them, but they are the property of the city, as long as they have not found a buyer.” Impossible to know if the public will be enticed. In any case, he will be immersed in the rocker’s universe for days.

Street furniture is designed and manufactured to set the tone for the entire city.

Fun, whimsical pieces, which at the end of the event should be joined by the Menton Kindergarten classes.

“We will also donate one of these sculptures to the new kindergarten in the Aroma neighborhood”, slides Stéphanie Jacquot. Banana Lemon seems intent on settling in forever.

An inspiring universe

In the company of Vanessa Rigaud, even John Lemon is not done talking about her. Her teams work especially on the frames in which the bride moves. The types of transparent boxes that Faben also works on. The story can enjoy his character in the form of a hologram, in a universe of his own.

If more NFT collections are coming? Yves Juhel, the mayor smiles. Of course, the adventure has just begun.

He blows: “We already have ideas for next year… We will reveal the theme of the next edition at the end of this one”.

Everything is moving too fast… a 3.0 world, we tell you.

Know +
To buy John Lemon NFT

These developments have marked the event in time

Since its inception in 1933, the Lemon Festival has seen many ups and downs. Leaps forward that have allowed it, every time, to adapt to desires and times. This is how you pass the time without getting a wrinkle. Anthology of some significant “revolutions”. Fast forward to 2023 and digital.

That year, the Lemon Festival adopted a general theme. The first will be that of music.

As it had taken over from an exhibition of citrus fruits that had animated Menton since 1929, its organizers had not yet seen the point of giving it this fantasy. Since then, the theme has changed every year.

And in 1955, “parada” became “corso”.

Until now, the fruits were fixed in the cage and iron with iron wire. Based on an idea of ​​Mr. Pautasso, the method was changed: the metal damaged the citrus fruits. We decide to hang the fruits with rubber bands.

In the warehouses of the slaughterhouses of Fossan, we still continued to thread the fruit to then wrap the “cord” in the cage. Today we only use rubber bands.

The party celebrates a beautiful anniversary. This is a turning point that sets the tone for all future editions. The “International Lemon Festival” is held and presents monumental motifs. More beautiful, bigger, taller sculptures.

At the same time, the “Lemon Festival product” is becoming more professional. He takes over trade shows, lures internationally, modifies his communication strategy… bet on quality and innovation.


100. This is, in percentage terms, the filling percentage of the corso weekend of this 2023 edition of the Lemon Festival.

“we are sold”hammer, last night, Stéphanie Jacquot, deputy mayor responsible for culture and events.

A month from the launch of the big event, we can say that the announcement is promising!

Thursday evening, we are already at 50 or 60% fill rate. Not bad… but still not enough.

So the city goes into overdrive! Fortunately, John Lemon is there. In hologram mode, the mascot of the 89th edition will dress the swimmers.

On a citrus background, the rocking chair (NFT) will rock as you wish. A new generation show that should entertain young and old.

And a show at night, to be able to fully appreciate it – even if the technology also works during the day.

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