Cost of mobile internet worldwide

With the daily use of smartphones and computers, using the Internet has become an integral part of our lives and essential to our uses.

There are so many things we can do online and use it for so many different purposes. There are 5.07 billion people in the world who are online today, which is 63.5% of the world’s population. With 92.1% of internet users using mobile phones to browse the internet, 60% of global internet traffic comes from mobile phone users.

Israel hasmobile internet the cheapest in the world, with a gigabyte of data costing an average of €0.03 in 2022. With three out of four Israelis owning a smartphone, the country has even higher smartphone penetration than the United States. That’s according to UK-based price comparison website, which analyzed 5,292 mobile data plans in 233 countries.

As our chart shows, Italy ranks second in the global ranking, with a low cost of $0.12 per 1GB. The country has excellent internet infrastructure with 5G now available to around 95% of its residents. It also manages the internet of neighboring San Marino (€0.13), which is ranked third in the world. According to Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at, many of the cheaper countries have excellent infrastructure mobile and fixed broadband that allows providers to offer large amounts of data at cheap prices. In some countries, economic conditions dictate the price which must remain low so that people can afford it.

However, some of the most expensive data plans are in the remote island countries of Africa and South America. For example, the Falkland Islands are ranked 231st with 1GB of internet costing €35.35, while the same amount of mobile data in Saint Helena, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic costs €37.85 on average – more than 1000 times that of Israel.

Regionally, North America is the most expensive group, with an average cost of $4.98 per GB, which is above the global average of €2.87. Canada is the most expensive region (€5.47), followed by the United States (€5.18), while Greenland is the cheapest (€3.09).

What mobile internet speed is fast enough?

Typically, you need around 30 – 60 Mbps for mobile internet speed. However, to better understand the actual download speeds you need, here are some streaming service numbers.

  • Netflix: 5 Mbps/High Definition (HD) streaming, 25 Mbps/UHD streaming
  • Amazon Prime Video: 5 Mbps/HD streams, 20 Mbps/UHD streams
  • Online gaming has similar bandwidth requirements, although competitive gamers and remote collaborators often feel more comfortable with higher speeds and lower latency.

Unlimited or limited packages

How much mobile internet you need depends on your usage habits. For example, unlimited data is best if you are a video streamer and gamer. However, if you connect to Wi-Fi frequently, a limited data plan or an unlimited tier with a data threshold works well. Mainly due to inflation, subscription prices Mobile and internet plans will increase in 2023. Bouygues TelecomOrange and SFR are affected by this increase, unlike Free.

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