CES 2023 must-haves

Advances in artificial intelligence, customizable cars where on-board technology takes precedence over design, immersion through virtual reality, improvements in medical technologies, multiple partnerships, including among competitors… Here are the trends observed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas by a delegation of Loire leaders.

2023 has started across the Atlantic for CCI Nantes St-Nazaire! Thanks to an export club initiative Western International Club, a duplex organized directly between Nantes and Las Vegas, on January 6, made it possible to discover the latest global trends in high-tech innovation. The evening was based on the testimony of a delegation of fifteen experts and executives from the Loire region, present at the 2023 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to technological innovation.

Live started with the intervention of Michaël Thoby, president and founder of Emotic, a Nantes agency for digital strategy and innovation. The latter began by recalling some elements of the context: “CES has existed since 1967. Created in New York, it initially sold refrigerators and televisions. The show has evolved a lot today, with topics around sustainability, mobility, automobiles… Covering an area of ​​250,000 m2, CES 2023 is being held at Eureka Park in Las Vegas and brings together nearly 3,000 exhibitors this year (4,500 pre-Covid) for 100,000 visitors. This year, the French delegation is represented by 200 structures, with 170 companies united under the French Tech pavilion, including around twenty in the automotive sector. Of course, the Pays de la Loire is represented there (read the box). If France was until now considered a “start-up nation”, things have evolved since French technology has matured and we are now considered a “high-end nation”. »

Artificial intelligence more powerful than ever

As for the trends of 2023, the first one noted by Michaël Thoby at CES is “the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence (AI). What was once purely algorithmic has now become a form of high performance intelligence. A good illustration of the progress of AI is Chat GPT. It is an AI that we will ask any question and which in return will formulate a perfectly structured answer”.

The second trend: “The automobile is very much, even overrepresented, this year at CES, continues the founder of Emotic. Why ? Because tomorrow, a third of the price of a car will be devoted to everything that is embedded, where yesterday it was 0% of its price. Today, drivers want a seamless experience, with the car becoming an extension of their home. When they leave their homes, they now want to find the same atmosphere in their cabin. It can go through music, light… It’s a very new relationship with the car that is being built, much more service-oriented, in the sense that we will gradually lose the notion of ownership in favor of personalization. »

A custom car to share

Today, a machine will work on average only 5% of the time. “This means that she spends 95% of her time waiting for you in a parking lot, deduces Michaël Thoby. Tomorrow, what CES promises us is a car that will be ours in the first sense of the term – it will recognize us, it will put our seat in the right place according to our size, it will display photos of our children in the cockpit of passengers… — being physically a shared car that everyone can potentially use. This will increase the vehicle utilization rate from 5% to 85%. Therefore, we are witnessing an “iPhoneization” of vehicles, where gradually the software part will become a differentiating factor, where before it was the design. Developments that will clearly deconstruct everything we know today in mobility. »

The third essential theme in Vegas: that of partnerships. “An example illustrates this perfectly, continues Michaël Thoby. When the Samsung brand announced five years ago that it would put Apple components into its screens, it was completely crazy. At that time, it was the battle between the two manufacturers. The thing we can take from this is that manufacturers should accelerate their partnerships, because it brings them a higher volume of sales than if they continued to fight with each other. This year, Matter has done just that to revolutionize home automation by standardizing and harmonizing various home products, regardless of their manufacturer. It may seem completely harmless, but a month ago, it did not exist and therefore it was not possible for Schneider products to work with Legrand. Today, it’s ancient history: all home automation devices can now communicate with each other, regardless of their brands.

An edition marked by the absence of Apple

The fourth trend: the development of immersion based on virtual reality. “While I’m not sure there’s a real model behind Metaverse, I’m confident it will generate niches from which great use cases will emerge. On the other hand, what I regret about this CES 2023 is the absence of Apple, which should nevertheless release its first virtual reality headset this year. It will give the world a new grammar. However, this will not necessarily be a global deployment as Mark Zuckerberg might have promised us last year. »

Finally, in medical technologies, some innovations caught the eye of Emotic’s founder: “Withings, a French company, for example, discovered U-Scan. It is a urine lab attached to hang on the toilet. The device will analyze your urine in real time. He will be able to give you your nutrient and vitamin levels and, based on the results, make recommendations for your diet to improve your overall health. »

The latest unusual innovation noted by the Nantes manager: “Tethered wanderer. When you have your baby in your arms, it follows you with AI, like a Tesla on autopilot. It’s the magic of CES to be able to discover innovations like this. »

A great springboard for La Vitre

“We returned to Vegas for the second year in a row. The objective is to present our product, La Vitre, enjoys Anthony Vannier, co-founder of the same start-up born in 2019 in Saint-Herblain. Our innovation offers a first approach to teleportation based on two giant screens. Specifically, La Vitre makes it possible to exchange with someone as easily as if they were in the same room, while they are on the ground floor, in another city or even on the other side of the world. »

“If we have returned to CES, it is also because we are convinced that this is the place where we should be as a start-up, continues the co-founder. Last year we had very qualified contacts and signed agreements on the spot with American customers. »

Regarding the economic model, the start-up chose the rent: €500 per window and per month for a period of 36 months. This price includes the large screen, software, after-sales service and support. Why leasing? “Because most customers don’t want to invest in equipment that they will have to replace in a few years,” answers Anthony Vannier bluntly.

For the start-up Herblinoise, the results of this second trip to Nevada are once again positive: “The show went very well, with many contacts and quality exchanges. There was also a wonderful atmosphere under the French Tech pavilion. At our booth, we also had the chance to see people we met in 2022 who came back saying, “Last year I discovered your techno and I loved it. This year I want to go further”. Therefore, CES is really a great springboard for us. »

The next step for La Vitre: “Developing our export business, especially continuing to establish ourselves in the American market thanks to the new branch we have just established in New York. We opened offices in Manhattan as well as a showroom. Domestically, we already perceive a good uptake of our prospects and we also have French companies which have already installed La Vitre in their American branches. That’s why we want to go further, exclusively supplying American companies throughout the country. »

The La Vitre team at its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, pleased with its second trip to Las Vegas. © DR

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