Binance: crypto platform aims to conquer Sweden

A warm place in the Far North? – While exchanges do not have precedence after the FTX cataclysmHowever, that doesn’t seem to be stopping Binance. The crypto mammoth continues its crazy epic in search of new territories in northern Europe as well. In Sweden, more precisely. Decryption.

Binance heads north to Sweden

Sweden is where Binance now plants its flag. Binance Nordics AB they just saw each other was registered with the Swedish Financial Authority (Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, FSA). A registration as a financial institution for the management and trading of cryptocurrencies. It is clear that Swedish residents are now able to use all services offered by Binance. Specifically euro deposits and withdrawals, crypto buying, trading, staking services and of course, the Binance bank card.

In fact, Sweden does the 7thth countries of the European Union to give this kind of status to Binance, after France, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Cyprus and Poland.

“Binance continues to demonstrate that willingness to engage with regulatory agencies to meet global standards. This registration in Sweden is the culmination of many months of work by our teams. »

Richard Teng, Head of Europe and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) at Binance

Binance takes Swedish Sesame to offer its services to the public

Not long ago, we learned that the world’s 1ʳᵉ crypto platform was still in the eyes of the American regulator. However, this sword of Damocles does not seem to bother Binance in its planetary conquest. The company has set foot in Europe and intends to stay there.

“Sweden has fully adopted the laws of the Eurozone and there are also other local requirements. Therefore, we have ensured that Binance Nordics AB takes these standards into account in terms of risk and anti-money laundering policy. »

Roy van Krimpen, Head of Benelux and Nordics at Binance

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Exchanges, a push to democratize cryptos

Are exchanges an essential step to democratize crypto within a country? In this period when these they are not in the spirit of holiness, the question may be asked. In these troubled times, we will even tend to progress without being mistaken DEX (Decentralized Exchange) offer better, safer. And that’s certainly true in some ways.

However, the problem of their accessibility to the general public and beginners still remains to be overcome. Because simplicity is the key. The fact is that it is, unfortunately, very often in the second step that security comes to the eyes of the uninitiated. The day buying crypto is done in fewer steps on a DEX than on Binance, DeFi will have won. And users with.

Moreover, all these centralized entities also act as the engine of an education provided to the population on these new cryptocurrency concepts.

“Our next step will be to do our migration and launch our operations [en Suède] a success. This will include hiring local talent, organizing events and educating about crypto topics in Sweden. »

Roy van Krimpen, Head of Benelux and Nordics at Binance

Binance continues its successful journey around the world so far. The giant, now free of opponents of his size, remains the sole master on board of an inevitable democratization. Whether this can be done regardless remains to be seen potential regulatory hurdles being built in Europe and France.

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