Worldline finalizes a 40% stake in Online Payment Platform – 01/12/2023 at 08:20

(AOF) – Worldline has completed the acquisition of a 40% stake in Online Payment Platform BV, as announced on 29 September 2022. Founded in 2011, OPP is a Dutch online payment service provider that offers a solution of dedicated to markets and platforms in the C2C (person to person) segment in particular. Transactions carried out through marketplaces and platforms account for around a third of European e-commerce volumes and are expected to account for more than half by 2025.

“In this rapidly evolving industry, Worldline, through OPP, is thus perfectly positioned to comprehensively target the need for payment outsourcing in the C2C market and focus on significant market growth opportunities. B2B (Business to Business – Business to Business) and B2C market.” explained the payment services specialist.

With a team of more than 60 employees, it offers its services throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom, thanks to the Dutch IP license passport obtained in 2014. OPP offers services in more than a hundred markets and platforms.

The transaction enriches Worldline’s growth profile and enables synergies to be realized for both parties involved through Worldline’s commercial organization. The French group underlines that this transaction is perfectly in line with its strategic roadmap, which thus expands its exposure to e-commerce and brings a proven technological brick with a unique solution created from scratch.


Main points

– European number one in payment services and electronic transactions;

– Revenue of 3.7 billion euros concentrated in Europe and generated by 3 areas – commercial services (65%), financial services (25%), mobility and online transaction services (9%);

– Business model for an international leader Paytech, based on mastering the value chain of payment services, on a single and modular platform, on its presence with merchants and banks in a strong positioning in line services and in technological investments ;

– Open capital with 2 strong positions – SIX Group (18.9% of voting rights) and BPI France (3.88%), Gilles Grapinet as CEO and Bernard Bourigeaud chairman of the board of directors of 19 members;

– Financial situation under control with net debt reduced to 2.9 billion euros.


– Vision 2024 strategy of sustainable external growth aiming at annual revenue growth of 9 to 11%, operating margin around 30%;

– Innovation strategy divided between the security of the group’s own information systems, growth and disruption: inside: the Win network, the Lit incubator or Worldline Labs, the community of 300 experts, etc. / external: partnerships and connections with new businesses in the areas of trust services, customer experience and performance and intelligence / focus on comprehensive solutions (African fintech InTouch, dedicated QR code in India, etc.) / open innovation: integration on the technological platform of the most innovative providers – APM, cryptocurrency, BNPL …;

– TRUST 2025 environmental strategy: 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2020 / inclusion of sustainability criteria in solution offers / support for dedicated fintechs (African InTouch);

– Expecting new partnerships in Italy and India and pursuing fintech acquisitions;

– Integration of the commercial services activities (20% of the local market) of the Australian company ANZ, which is expected to generate 180 million euros of revenue per year and an operating margin of 20%.


– Exposure of 1.5% of turnover to Russia and 1.5% to the Baltic countries, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Moldova;

– Sale of Apollo funds of the Terminal, solutions and services activities, worth 2.3 billion euros;

– Questions about an exit from the capital of SIX Group;

– 2022 targets for an 8 to 10% increase in revenue, an operating margin of +27% and a debt effect reduced to 1.5.

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